Master Classes at SilichCore


SilichCore is loading up on master classes.
The East Hampton fitness studio, located at 79 Newtown Lane, will kick off the week with TRX Circuit Strength, an intermediate and advanced class taught by owner Linda Silich on Thursday, July 25, at 8:30 a.m.
“This is a circuit class style that incorporates different stations of modalities — TRX, balls, weights — pushing your strength to new levels using the TRX Suspension Trainer at aggressive vector angles, slower movements along with your own body weight,” according to the class description. “Challenge yourself in this rep-based deeper angles at different stations featuring our various strength exercises and progressions.”
On Saturday, July 27, Natalia Petrzela will teach an intenSati class at 10:30 a.m., the first program she has seen that takes the best of self-help movement — a focus on discipline, self-acceptance and tough-minded optimism — and mixes it with the best of the fitness world. Think a sweaty, intense, joyous workout the emphasizes community, hard work and achieving progress, as opposed to a punishing regime in pursuit of the elusive “perfect body,” she said.
“I found intenSati as a student in 2005 and quickly not only achieved the best physical shape of my life, but also became more productive at work and less anxious about everything in life,” she said, “from completing a dissertation to address large audiences to getting married to having children.”
Former professional athlete Jimmy Minardi will slow things down with his weekly surfer yoga class, Minardi Yoga, on Sunday, July 28, at 11:30 a.m., designed to complement and enhance an active lifestyle.
“This ‘work-in’ phase of body conditioning incorporates dynamic yoga poses, strength and breathing exercises that help to irrigate the body and mind,” the class description said. “Each movement is carefully formulated to enhance flexibility, improve stability, posture and mental focus, increase the flow of oxygen to blood cells and build overall body strength.”
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