Make-over for Roofs in Sagaponack


Some roofs in the village of Sagaponack, will be seeing a transformation in the coming months, including the new village hall located at 3175 Montauk Highway.

Although the village has voter approval to spend $800,000 in renovations, Mayor Donald Louchheim announced on Monday during a work session that the village is hoping to keep their expenses at a minimum. Some $250,000 will be used for improvements at the new village hall including improvements to the roof on the southeast side of the building. Above the future meeting space, the roof needs repair and a portion of the $250,000 will also be used for pavement and curbing improvements.

Louchheim said that prior to acquisition, the building, which is a re-modeled barn, was in need of improvements to the roof because it is sagging and the beams holding the roof up need to be re-configured.

The mayor said that the board of trustees has seen plans submitted by the architect, but decided not to do any major renovations at this time. The plans previously submitted included changes to the existing footprint of the building to add a larger meeting space.

“We are still working on the specifications of the bid package for improvements to the roof and parking lot at this time,” Louchheim said on Monday.

The bid specifications will be available for pick-up from the Sagaponack Village Hall by Monday, December 15. The last date of submission will be on the morning of January 9, 2009 and bids will be opened at 11 a.m. that day. The award will be announced at the board meeting that follows on January 12.

During Monday’s work session, board member and liaison to the architectural review board (ARB), Lisa Duryea Thayer, mentioned that there are other positive improvements to roofs within the village confines. The ARB has seen three applications for permits to allow for green roofing.

“These types of roofs cut down on [homeowners] carbon footprint,” said village building inspector John Woudsma at Monday’s meeting.

The roofs, two of which would be on Daniels Lane in Sagaponack, are made of living plants built over a water-proofing membrane.

“I was impressed,” Duryea Thayer said. Deputy mayor Lee Foster asked jokingly if livestock would be necessary on top of the roofs to help maintain the plant life.

Woudsma explained that the roofs are made with a type of plant material that doesn’t grow very rapidly.

The village of Sagaponack is not opposed to the idea of adding greener building practices to their new village hall. Village Clerk, Rhodi Winchell said that village officials had a representative take a look at the new hall and assess it for solar paneling. According to Winchell, however, the LIPA representative made an assumption based on usage and, at this time, the village will not be going ahead with any plans for solar paneling. Winchell did say the village is considering low energy consuming lights and other alternative ideas to reduce energy consumption for the new building.

Water, water – nowhere to be found on Daniels….

During the public portion of Monday’s meeting, John White a Sagaponack resident, suggested that a water connection be added to Daniels Lane. He cited a recent fire during the summer months, in which the Bridgehampton fire department had to connect to a water main on another street and pull the hoses from another road.

“We can alert homeowners if there is a fire along this road where there is limited access, and tell them there may be no way for us to put it out,” Louchheim said.

White said homeowners along Daniels Lane are looking for a possible hydrant to be put in on the ocean side or adding holding tanks for water in case of a fire. Another option homeowners have is deciding if they want to become a separate water district but it will cost them.

“The commissioners should do a survey and we can bring it to the homeowners,” Louchheim said. “Or we can alert the homeowners and suggest they put a well in.” Another option, according to Louchheim is to authorize a special taxing district and the residents could pay into it for capital improvements.