Loving, Bach, Johnson, Tan Open at Olko Gallery

Dreamland by Malu Tan.
Dreamland by Malu Tan.
Dreamland by Malu Tan.

The Monika Olko Gallery, 95 Main Street in Sag Harbor, will host an opening reception Saturday, October 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. to present the works of Brett Loving, Malu Tan and Tara Bach, with new works by Dean Johnson.

Mr. Loving uses modern machinery and custom designed brushes and tools, which he developed and fabricated, to push and pull color using a 36,000-pound Volvo excavator resulting in the creation of truly original works of art. A vibrant energy and sense of esthetics and of color are represented in each piece.

Ms. Tan is inspired by the natural world and by the process of painting. Tara Bach’s The New World – Abstract Series are paintings of acrylic with 18K gold accents. Striking to look at, as the color seems to move on the canvas.

“Abstract art has recently captivated me and enveloped all of my creative senses,” said Ms. Bach. “From the metamorphic creation process to the finished piece, I have found a passion in art I had not discovered before.”

Mr. Johnson’s iconic figures in lights had so much success last year at the gallery, they decided to bring them back. The mixed media pieces are made of plexi-resin panels, pigmented ink, encaustic wax, film and oil paint. Their multi-colored lights add to the complex mix and offer endless views and colors.

The exhibit will be on view through October 31. For more information, visit monikaolkogallery.com.