Long Wharf Closure Begins; First Step Is Milling Pavement

Site Foreman Tom Helms installs fencing as the project begins to renovate Long Wharf in Sag Harbor. Michael Heller photo
As planned, crews erected cyclone fencing on Monday, September 23, to block off most of Long Wharf while it undergoes a $4.32 million renovation this fall and winter.
Work is expected to be completed in June 2020, barring severe winter weather.
The businesses on the south end of the wharf will remain accessible, except while the pavement in front of those properties is being milled and graveled next week. The road surface eventually will be repaved after major infrastructural improvements are made to the wharf, which is built on landfill. During those periods, the cyclone fencing will be brought forward to the wharf entrance to block off all vehicle access, although pedestrians still will be able to access the wharf.
Mayor Kathleen Mulcahy told the wharf’s business owners in an email on Monday morning that the new steel sheeting that will encase the wharf, 18 inches seaward from the existing, deteriorating sheeting, will be driven into place beginning in mid-October. She wrote that “a vibration technology that should be a lot easier on the ears and the walls” will be used instead of conventional pile-driving techniques.
“With a little luck,” the mayor wrote, “all the steel will be in by the end of the year, at which point tying, decking and then repaving will begin.” That will take one or two weeks, during which time the cyclone fencing will be moved forward again to block off the entire wharf to vehicular access.