Local Physical Therapist Returns Home to Open Boutique Facility in Sag Harbor


George Wilson of Hamptons Physical Therapy, photographed on March 30th, 2015

East Hampton native George Wilson has been looking for the perfect spot for his new facility since he came back from Australia in 2011…and he found it in Sag Harbor. Photo by Michael Heller. 

By Mara Certic

High-tech machines and manipulators are dotted around the room in East End-native George Wilson’s new boutique physical therapy facility, which overlooks Bay Street, boat slips and the resident brace of ducks.

Hamptons Physical Therapy, located in a suite at 34 Bay Street, is a brand new high-end center that will specialize in post-operative sports injury and orthopedic rehabilitation. And Mr. Wilson, the man behind the business, knows all about sports injuries.

“I’ve broken everything,” he said in his office last week, with a small Band-Aid over the bridge of his nose, helping to heal a recent injury.

Mr. Wilson grew up in East Hampton, playing every sport—and breaking every bone—along the way. After graduating from high school, Mr. Wilson completed an accelerated Masters program at Boston University before going to work in sports rehab for a spell in Westhampton.

Not long after, Mr. Wilson went on a one-year trip to Australia, which ended up lasting close to a decade. Down Under, he opened a chain of physical therapy clinics, helping clients to regain and improve mobility using new equipment and a protocol of functional exercises.

Mr. Wilson sold his clinics in 2011 and moved back to the East End, where he has been conducting a concierge business and going to each of his clients’ homes for appointments.

“I was looking for a space here, but I wasn’t in any rush,” Mr. Wilson said.

In the spare moments between treating patients, Mr. Wilson developed an app to help both clients and other physical therapy and medical providers.

“Essentially, picture yourself leaving a surgeon’s office, for anything, whether it’s a hip replacement or rotator cuff and they’ll give you paperwork on what’s going to happen and education on that,” Mr. Wilson said.

“Well, instead of that we create an app for that provider or institution. The patient is given a username and password, they download the app and log in and they get exactly what they need,” he said.

The apps are individualized for each provider, and each patient has their own personalized account where they receive necessary information about their surgery before they go under the knife, and then afterwards is privy to a whole database of videos about recovery and therapeutic exercises tailored to their personal injury.

The app helps patients perfect the specific exercises tailored for them, their age and their specific injury. Clients at Mr. Wilson’s new facility on Bay Street in Sag Harbor will also have access to exercise balls, balance boards, beds and high-end physical therapy equipment and machines.

As his app might suggest, Mr. Wilson specializes in post-operative rehabilitation:  “Any type,” he said, “Ankle, knee, hip.” One large piece of equipment in the middle of his practice can help optimize rotator cuff recovery, engaging certain muscles and moving the body in a healing way.

His focus on sports and orthopedic injuries means that more often than not, he has to heal his clients’ injuries quickly and thoroughly in order to get them ready to get back out there in the active world.

Setting himself apart from other practices, Mr. Wilson will also offer specific conditioning classes at Hamptons Physical Therapy. Fit for Skiing classes will be offered to work on stability and practice balance before clients hit the slopes and Mr. Wilson will also offer a fitness class for enthusiastic golfers.

He also plans to initiate a post-natal class for new mothers looking to lose baby weight. These classes, he said, will likely be larger, group classes that will take place in his Bay Street office.

For now, Mr. Wilson is manning Hamptons Physical Therapy solo, but he hopes the success of his new business will force him to expand his staff.

“We’ll see,” he said.

Hamptons Physical Therapy is located at 34 Bay Street. For more information call (631) 919-5189.