Local Business Owners Turn Out in Support of BNB

Aidan Wood-Sr VP, Sandra Schroeder-Mayor, Patricia Horan-SVP, Brittney Zatarga-Asst Mgr, Emily Butts-head teller, Seamus Doyle, SVP, Dean Hagerman-Lending officer, Greg D’Angelo, Roger, Lisa Field. Laurie Barone-Schaefer photo
Business and civic leaders at the opening of the Bridgehampton National Bank drive-through teller on Long Island Avenue in Sag Harbor. Laurie Barone-Schaefer photo

By Rachel Bosworth

On a windy but sunny Friday morning, Bridgehampton National Bank celebrated the opening of its new drive-through location on Long Island Avenue in Sag Harbor. Branch managers, tellers, and BNB CEO Kevin O’Connor gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new outpost, which features two drive-up windows and a walk-up ATM.

“Can I get a little cash?” someone joked as they rolled up to one of the teller’s lanes right before the ceremony. Taylor Berry of Harbor Books popped in to offer quick congratulations on her way to opening her Main Street store. Other local BNB clients, Sag Harbor Mayor Sandra Schroeder, and Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Field stopped by to offer their support. All lined up in front of the recently renovated building as branch manager Tara Fordham and Mr. O’Connor cut the ribbon in the bank’s signature color of green.

Mr. O’Connor said when the location, occupied by Capital One Bank until July 2016, became available, it was an easy decision to purchase it to go along with the bank’s Bay Street branch. “We’ve wanted a drive-through for a long time,” he said. “When Tara saw it, she said she wanted it to grow our business. There was no question about doing it.”

Established in 1910 by farmers and merchants, BNB has been serving Long Island businesses and communities for nearly 110 years. It’s the bank’s devotion to the community that Mr. O’Connor and his staff members believe has been responsible for its success for more than a century. “BNB has helped a lot of other businesses expand,” he said. “Our managers are local people that are involved in the community. They live and work out here, and are an integral part of this community. They are great contributors to our successes.”

Gregory D’Angelo, of Greg D’Angelo Construction, Inc. joined in the festivities for the opening. “I have been doing business with BNB for over 30 years. I love the personal connection and how I know the people I do business with,” he said. “I have a similar relationship with the president of the bank, Kevin O’Connor, as I do with Tara Fordham, the branch manager, and Brittney Zatarga, the assistant manager. They treat me like family.”

Mr. O’Connor said Ms. Fordham is a prime example of the type of manager BNB has on its team. She is an East End native, who lives with her family in Sag Harbor. “My kids are actually 13th generation Fordhams in Sag Harbor,” she said.

Ms. Fordham said acquiring the drive-through was a necessary move. “BNB is a great company and very customer service oriented. I just believe having a drive-up in Sag Harbor Village will just convenience our customers more,” she said. “It will just bring more of that into the community. We do a lot for the community and try to do as much as we can.”

Clients, who attended the ceremony, agreed BNB stands out as a community bank. “After a dozen years banking with BNB, I can safely say that I feel that the professionalism and the attentiveness are outstanding,” said Maurizio Marfoglia, owner of Dopo la Spiaggia. “To be recognized and called by my first name is refreshing and priceless. It is truly a real ‘boutique bank.’”

BNB supports a number of East End groups including the Sag Harbor Partnership, HarborFest, HarborFrost, Hamptons Collegiate Baseball, the Sag Harbor Fire Department, and will soon get involved with Bay Street Theater, which is a new BNB client. Ms. Fordham herself is a member of the Sag Harbor Fire Department’s Ladies Auxiliary and serves as the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce’s treasurer.

The drive-through, which was officially opened on March 27, will be open Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to