Live Video Chat with Santa at Sag Harbor Cinema

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will meet safely with good little boys and girls via the video screens at Sag Harbor Cinema. Michael Heller photo.

Let’s face it: Santa ain’t no spring chicken. And with Covid-19 on the rise throughout Suffolk County (and the whole wide world), he has to be careful. After all, some folks think the little ones are bona-fide “Asymptomatic Super Spreaders.” So Santa is going to have to say no to any lap-time this holiday season.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t hear Christmas wishes! So come on down to the Sag Harbor Cinema at 90 Main Street on Christmas Eve, where you can virtually live chat with Santa through the digital vitrines, in the front of the cinema’s new Grab & Go Cafe. He can see and hear you through the special portal to the North Pole, far, far away.

Santa has it on his calendar and from 2 to 5 p.m., will chat with the community. The Sag Harbor Cinema vitrines are located outside, with ample ventilation. Come as you are; first-come, first-served. Please respect social distancing guidelines and give children a good distance at the vitrines. Parents must accompany their children.

For more information, contact And Happy Holidays!