Live Graffiti Painting at The White Room on April 2

CES' “On My Wall 1.”
CES’ “On My Wall 1.”

The White Room Gallery at 2415 Main Street in Bridgehampton will host an opening reception April 2 from 5 to 7 p.m. for its newest show featuring live graffiti painting by YES2 and CES. The show, entitled “Up on the Roof” will run through April 24 and is a show that positions graffiti as fine art that should be embraced, not, as one Brazilian judge recently declared – “visual pollution” that should be erased.

YES2, "Green."
YES2, “Green.”

Vinny Pacifico, a graffiti collector for over 20 years, invited artists from around the world to put their mark on his roof in the Hunts Point meatpacking district of the Bronx. Then his roof flooded and he had to start over. That’s where The White Room Gallery and three of its artists come in, to document a perishable art. On a cold day last November, CES and YES2, two internationally renowned graffiti artists, agreed to show us how it’s done with each picking a respective piece of the roof as a canvas.It required a bit less adrenaline than working on a subway car in the middle of the night but as CES said, “It took 20 years to make it look this easy.”

The show features three local, award winning artists/photographers – Kat O’Neill, Ann Brandeis and Guy Pierno with their respective interpretations of the roof gallery as well as their take on the controversy over whether graffiti is art or vandalism. CES AND YES2, will create new pieces during the reception. There will also be a video of the graffiti on the roof with CES and YES2 bringing concrete to life.

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