Lily and her Dominoes

“Lily Topples the World” film subject Lily Hevesh during a live domino building and toppling demonstration before a screening of the film in East Hampton. Courtesy Chloe Grifkins/HamptonsFilm.

On Saturday, August 21, Guild Hall hosted a screening of the Jeremy Workman’s documentary “Lily Topples the World” as part of HamptonsFilm’s SummerDocs series. The film tells the story of Lily Hevesh, considered one of the best domino topplers in the world, who has spent years on her craft and amassed over a billion views on her YouTube channel. Prior to the screening, a reception was held at a private residence in East Hampton where Hevesh demonstrated her skill by building and then toppling a domino display.

HamptonsFilm co-chairman Alec Baldwin and artistic director David Nugent led a discussion with the filmmaker afterwards.

HamptonsFilm Co-Chairman Alec Baldwin, HamptonsFilm Artistic Director David Nugent, Lily Hevesh, and “Lily Topples the World” director Jeremy Workman. Courtesy Chloe Gifkins/HamptonsFilm.