Letters to the Editor: 9/10/20


Diat For Trustee

I’m writing to endorse Terie Diat for North Haven Village trustee.

Terie is an energetic, experienced leader with a wide array of executive skills, keen analysis and calm judgment. She is a lifelong resident of the area who loves it and understands its character as well as the changes that inevitably take place and how to balance conservation with development that is good for all.

Having served with Terie on the residential board of North Haven Manor, I can attest to these qualities personally. Here is just one example: She singlehandedly organized our annual meeting of 85 homeowners via a Zoom call, and worked out the technology to devise an online balloting system that enabled our residents to not just attend but to vote confidentially on a wide range of issues, via their home screens.

The result was one of the best-attended and best-run meetings we have ever had — better than most of our meetings in person, actually.

As a resident of North Haven for more than 25 years, I would feel utterly confident our local leadership knowing that Terie was a part of it.

Sally Jenkins

Sag Harbor

The Best Choice

On Tuesday, September 15, North Haven voters will have a choice for village trustee. For the first time in seven years, there will be a contested election, as I am running on the Community Vision Party line.

The North Haven Party has been solely represented on the board for many years. It is not beneficial for any democracy to have single-party representation or unopposed elections.

An increase in diversity on the board would greatly benefit the community — diversity of perspective, experience, constituency, gender and generational diversity all help to strengthen the discussions and decisions made by the board. I will bring all of these attributes if I am elected.

I have been a resident of North Haven for over 30 years, while my husband, Jon, has spent his entire 59 years here, where he is the “On the Water” fishing columnist for The East Hampton Star. In short, we love North Haven, where we enjoy a multitude of activities, including fishing, boating, lobstering, scalloping, and the pristine beaches.

I am running for village trustee to improve communication, open discussion and transparency between the board and the community, and to enhance community involvement. I believe it is very important to listen and get as much input as possible from residents, and equally important for the Village Board to address the concerns of the community.

I treasure the natural surroundings of the special place that we live, and I am concerned with preserving and protecting North Haven, while allowing homeowners to enjoy their properties. If elected, I will also investigate how to improve cellular service.

I recently retired after a successful 37-year career as a finance executive at Colgate-Palmolive, where I managed the integration of acquired companies, multibillion-dollar budgets, complex projects, international teams of people, as well as served as the interim CFO of a $60 million company. I also co-founded and led the Colgate Women’s Network, a group dedicated to the development and advancement of women.

My true passion and driver of success at Colgate was collaborating well with others and driving outstanding results. In addition, I have served on the North Haven Manor Homeowners Association Board for three years. I know I can translate my experience and these strengths to benefit the Village of North Haven.

The voters of North Haven have an important decision to make in the upcoming election. I have the experience, leadership capabilities, honesty and integrity that make me the best choice for village trustee. I will bring a fresh perspective to the Village Board and help drive the vision of the future for North Haven.

Please consider me for your vote on Tuesday, September 15, at North Haven Village Hall. Thank you.

Terie Diat

North Haven

Into The Future

I am writing in support of Terie Diat’s candidacy for the North Haven Village Board in the municipal election on September 15.

As president of North Haven Manor Association — the largest private homeowner’s association in North Haven — I have known Terie as both a neighbor and as an exemplary secretary of our Association Board. Terie, 59, has been a resident of North Haven Manor for 30 years. Her husband, Jon, is a lifelong North Haven resident who writes the fishing and nature column for The East Hampton Star.

Terie’s candidacy is important in several respects. First, she is running for the seat vacated by North Haven Manor resident James Davis, who, sadly, died last February. Although Mayor Jeff Sander appointed Chris Fiore to serve out Davis’s term, it would behoove North Haven to have on its board a resident of the area’s largest community. Terie filed specifically to fill this seat.

Amazingly, Terie’s candidacy also marks the first contested election in North Haven since 2013. This means almost a decade in which no independent candidate has mounted a race for the board and won. The reasons may be various. Apathy may play a part in no candidate throwing in her or his hat into the ring. Or there may be a perception that the Village Board is controlled and run by an “old boys’ (and girls’) club.”

As a strong supporter of Mayor Sander and this board, Terie’s victory will offer a new point of view and help to put this perception to rest.

North Haven faces a growing list of complex issues and challenges that our board must anticipate and meet if we are to maintain our island’s lovely character and way of life. They include shoreline protection and mandatory wastewater treatment systems to protect the Peconic Bay system and local waters; continuing monitoring of noise and rental code regulations that are critical to residents’ enjoyment and peace of mind; management of the deer population and the tick health threat; addressing a ridiculous lack of cell service; protection of open spaces; and the ability to anticipate what the village will need in 2030 and 2040.

Terie has the experience, intelligence and common sense to help lead the village into the future. She retired in 2019 after a 37-year career as a finance executive at Colgate-Palmolive, for which she managed the integration of acquired companies, multibillion-dollar budgets, complex projects, international teams of people, and served as the interim CFO of a $60 million company.

I enthusiastically endorse Terie Diat’s candidacy and urge voters to put her on the North Haven Village Board.

Susan K. Reed


North Haven Manor Association