Letters to the Editor: 7/9/20


Mending Time

I have lived in the same house for the last 12 years. There are six cottages that surround mine. The property is beautiful, and we all respect each other’s privacy.

In all these years, I have rarely socialized with my neighbors.

The onset of the coronavirus and the wearing of masks has changed life for everyone. In a strange way, I feel that it has brought us together, much like the nightly 7 p.m. events in the city, and the marches throughout the world.

One of my neighbors and I now text each other when we are going into town to see if the other needs anything. We also have been going on walks together, where we get to share stories, life experiences and much needed exercise.

Last night, I was invited to another neighbor’s for an outdoor dinner. Again, it was wonderful to connect and meet new people after years of living so close by, yet so separately.

In deference to Robert Frost’s equivocal “Mending Wall,” and the notion that barriers are good for some, not good for others, I think it is the sharing and respect for those boundaries that can keep us civilized. It’s mending time.

Nancy Greenberg

Sag Harbor

Be Aware

This time of year, local turtles of all species are on the move, looking for suitable nesting sites. This activity may bring them onto roads — so drivers should all be aware.

If you see an injured turtle, you can help by calling the Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons hotline: 631-779-3737.

This nonprofit organization takes in about 150 injured turtles a year, and rehabilitates and releases 95 percent of them.

Cam Gleason

Sag Harbor