Letters June 24, 2010


Not the Garden of Eden

To the Editor:

Again, Mr. Darcey has emerged in The Sag Harbor Express with his sadistic attitude.

As I said before Mr. Darcey, you live in a free country, with freedom of speech which you sure do take advantage of.

This country is protected by courageous men and women who protect your rights. Patriotism, yes, they evidently believe in it.

Insanity, no.

Perpetual war, perhaps yes; but if that’s what it takes to preserve our freedom, yes!

As I said before Mr. Darcey, no one wants war, especially those with loved ones in the military; but this is not the “Garden of Eden.”

Was your sadistic attitude, Mr. Darcey, acquired at birth, or did it come with “old age?”

In peace,

Florence M. O’Connell

Sag Harbor

Thanks for the Vote

Dear Bryan

I want to thank all those who came out and voted for me on June15th and The Express for your endorsement of my election to the Board of Trustees. The true test of the voter’s confidence in both Bruce Stafford and me will be measured in the initiatives, fiscal responsibility and stewardship of the village. I believe the voters have chosen a board that is responsive and open minded to all the constituent factions within our community. I am looking forward to continuing the work we have begun during my first year in office and facing the challenges of the next two years.


Robby Stein

Sag Harbor

Helping Monty

Dear Bryan,

I’m writing you on behalf of my next door neighbor, Gudula and her cat, Monty. Gudula is an 86-year-old senior living alone with her cat.

Three weeks ago she came to my door with an emergency. Half of Monty’s face was so swollen that she couldn’t open her mouth. I rushed them both to the Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton. Gudula had no means of paying for Monty’s treatment and Dr. Katz, Dr. Turetsky’s colleague, agreed to treat Monty with delayed compensation.

Monty was so dehydrated that her surgery had to be postponed until her blood levels were stabilized. It was discovered that Monty is diabetic and needed to be treated for that condition as well. She was hospitalized an entire week before her operation. The infection had gone so deep that Dr. Katz had to cut all the way into her jawbone.

We went to see her twice before her surgery and she was eventually sent home with insulin and syringes, antibiotics and cans of special food for diabetes and kidney issues. Dr. Katz gave her two follow-up visits and a day of monitoring for proper insulin supplementation. Dr. Katz, who is Dr. Turetsky’s colleague at the Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton did all this without receiving a cent of compensation until people started sending in donations two weeks later. Even with a huge discount Monty’s bill came to over $2,100. The unpaid balance now remains at $818 and Gudula still has no way of paying it.

If anyone would like to help an 86-year-old senior pay the remainder of her cat’s veterinary bill, please send your donation directly to Dr. Katz at the East Hampton Veterinary Clinic at 3 Goodfriend Dr., East Hampton, NY 11937.

Your gift to this senior would be greatly appreciated. Monty is Gudula’s only close family and they rely on each other for love and mutual support.


Christine Stanley

East Hampton  

No Casino Here

Dear Editor,

I would like to add my voice to what I am sure will be hundreds of others that wish to congratulate the Shinnecocks on receiving federal recognition, but want to caution our local officials to not — I repeat, not — allow them to build a casino out here on the East End of Long Island. I understand the Shinnecocks are entitled to take advantage of laws that allow them to build casinos on their property, but the idea of having a big casino, like the ones in Connecticut, would be a terrible thing for the narrow strips of the two forks. There isn’t the infrastructure here, and to build the roadways necessary for all that traffic would further destroy the rural nature of our towns.

That said, I think there are plenty of properties further up the island that would suit them, and probably welcome the boost to their economy.

I wish them good luck.

Mary Gell

Sag Harbor

Helping the Cause

Dear Editor:

The family and friends of Stephanie Crispinelli want to thank all of the sponsors, friends, neighbors, artists and photographers who donated to the cause — WLNG radio, the East Hampton Star, Dan’s Papers, The Sag Harbor Express and The Independent newspaper, with special thanks to Dan Bailey and Living Rhythm with Jay Schneiderman on the drums. We want to especially thank Helen Ficalora (noted jewelry designer) for attending the very successful benefit for The Stephanie Crispinelli Humanitarian Fund.

Tax deductible donations to the Stephanie Crispinelli Humanitarian Fund are still very much appreciated (email sarina.peddy@gmail.com).

Thank you,

Sharman and Sarina Peddy,

PR representatives for stephaniesmission.org

Connie and Hanna Thomas.