Letters to the Editor: 9/29/16


Dismayed at Condition of Park

To the Editor:
Thank you for the delivery of The Sag Harbor Express. I enjoy reading it each week, and so much enjoyed my years living in the Village.
I am writing in concern to comment on the sad prospect of the Nancy Boyd Willey Park. I visited the village last week and was distressed to see the state of the park, lack of mowing, with cars parked over the park area.
It is 20 years since Nancy Boyd Willey attended the dedication of the park, this in May, 1996, with the mayor and members of the village, Southampton Town and state officials, in honor of her lifelong support and historic protection of the Sag Harbor Village, and her environmental effort protecting the Long Pond Greenbelt and Barcelona Point. The dedication of the park in her name is engraved on the rock at the flag pole.
I was saddened to see the park in such disrepair, belying the effort that went into its creation by members of the community. Nancy Boyd Willey was dedicated to the historic nature of the village and her home there is now the home of the Sag Harbor Historical Society, and I know she would be pleased to see the park continuing in her name.
With appreciation for the friends and time I lived in Sag Harbor Village,
Priscilla Ciccariello,
Now, in Montauk

Lack of Flag

Dear Editor:
Where’s the flag?
The front of the July 21st edition of The Express featured a picture of the John Jermain Memorial Library in 1910 with the American flag proudly flying at the front entrance. Also featured was a picture of the renovated building with no flag flying.
On July 23rd the library reopened with great fanfare — the book brigade, ribbon cutting, speeches by N.Y. State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, and numerous others.
But no flag!
It took four-and-a-half years and $16.5 million, of which nearly $10 million was our tax dollars. With all the work done – a new ugly addition that doesn’t fit in the historic district attached to “… the classic Greek revival building, is arguably the most important architectural landmark in Sag Harbor…” (Sag Harbor Express, July 21, 2016), all kinds of new spaces, alterations, etc., the flag pole was taken down and never replaced.
It is now near the end of September and there is still no flag. Historically, Sag Harbor has always been a very patriotic village and you see the American flag flying all over — but not at the John Jermain Memorial Library.
It’s interesting to note that in the September 9th edition of The Express, in the Yesterday’s Express section, was the following:

100 Years Ago
September 7, 1916
Friday of this week, September 8th, will be Mrs. Russell Sage’s 88th birthday. As a recognition for what the grand old lady had done for this place — making possible the Pierson School, the Mashashimuet Park, the John Jermain Memorial Library, would it not be well, not alone to have the American Flag displayed from all public buildings, but from every dwelling and place of business in the village.

Need I say more?
Kay Frost
Sag Harbor

Supporting Vets

Dear Editor
As we recently observed the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, let us remember the brave men and women, the police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and so many more who put themselves in the line of danger to help their fellow New Yorkers. It is the heroic deeds of our first responders in times of crisis that make Americans so exceptional.
As such, it is time we gave back to those who have already sacrificed so much in the name of our freedom and security. The Zadroga Act does just that by ensuring those first responders who risked their safety on 9/11 are given the healthcare services they need; many have been afflicted with serious illness as a result of exposure to Ground Zero. It is our responsibility to make sure they are given the care they deserve, and I am proud of Congressman Zeldin’s effort in permanently reauthorizing the Zadroga Act. Without hesitation, Lee Zeldin realized the significance of this vital legislation and fought to preserve it.
Beyond this, Congressman Zeldin has made it a priority to help provide needed healthcare for our veterans and has even created a program for those who suffer from PTSD and TBI after returning home from combat. An active serviceman himself, Lee Zeldin knows the needs of our veterans and will not stop until they are properly provided for. The importance of serving for those who sacrificed on our behalf, whether it is in our town and cities or in nations across the globe, cannot be stressed enough. Lee Zeldin is a perfect example of a representative who put the needs of others before himself, and I would like to personally thank him for his work in Congress.
Valarie Zuccarelli
Hampton Bays