Letters to the Editor: 9/15/16


Get Priorities Straight

Dear Editor:

At a recent town work session no data was presented to support the premise that the vehicles traveling on Tuckahoe Road through the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club have injured golfers, caddies and golf course workers. At the same work session, there was no evidence that motorists have been hit by golf balls while traveling on this same stretch of Tuckahoe Road. Yet our Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman is still listening to the proposal that the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club should be allowed to privatize this public road. The golf club offered to pay for the construction of a bypass onto St. Andrews Road where traffic will create a major hazard for children at the Montesorri School, parishioners at a heavily used Greek Church and residents who walk along St. Andrews Road.

At the work session held to discuss this proposal, members of the public offered various alternatives: add marked crosswalks, add additional signage (as on Riverside Rd. near the Indian Island Golf Course) to warn golfers when crossing the road, and construct underpasses for golfers, caddies and workers to avoid crossing Tuckahoe Road.  Our Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor clearly stated that he is against the golf club’s proposal to privatize this road for public safety, drainage, environmental and may other reasons. He does not see the public benefit in the golf club’s proposal.

So why is our town supervisor expending so much effort to “hear” the proposal and entertain the golf club’s response to the public’s suggestions? To my knowledge, no one else on the town council voiced any support for taking away public property and giving it to a private entity. Why is Mr. Schneiderman wasting the town money, time and resources on a proposal that does not protect the public benefit? If Mr. Schneiderman were truly interested in safety, he would be working on the safety of Noyac Road, a road that affects thousands of town residents, not a few members of a private golf course.


Elena Loreto, President

Noyac Civic Council

High Drama on Long Wharf

Dear Editor:

Writing on behalf of Sag Harbor Partnership, you should know that there was some crazy goodwill shown at Harborfest this past weekend!

The Partnership had been asked by the Chamber to help the Sag Harbor Food Pantry hold their chowder tasting this year. There’s a huge amount of work to do to put it on. Restaurants were invited to donate (and this year’s generous vendors included Bell & Anchor/ Beacon, Corner Bar, Cove Deli, Cromers, Dockside, Harbor Market, Il Capuccino, LT Burger, Page, Schiavoni’s Market, and Wolffer Kitchen). We were aided by “ask a busy person” Marilyn Holstein of the Chamber who, in addition to helping the Pantry, was also in charge of setting up the Arts & Crafts Fair! Eric Fischl and John Leonard, his sister Melissa Ekstra, daughter Gianna Ekstra and Ava O’Shea, young people with big hearts, pitched in to pick up supplies and pitch the tents. Mugs were kindly donated by Bridgehampton National Bank. The Pantry volunteers were spectacular under the tireless guiding light and strong back of Regina Humanitzki, who kept everything from chaos. Until….

… catastrophe struck. The tents, which had been secured as usual with canopies lowered, literally blew apart in the strong winds we had Saturday night. We were called to the Wharf first thing Sunday morning and, with rain coming and less than three hours to spare before showtime, we were challenged with finding new tents. But then Howard Chwatsky thought of a tent at the Temple Adas Israel, and after a quick call we were setting up a new tent, with moments to spare.

The show went on, the chowder voted exceptionally delicious, pots were returned with not even a tablespoon remaining, and we all exhaled. Again we witnessed a great community in action for a great cause, generously giving their time and efforts to make a much-needed cause a success.

Now if you have a little cash to donate toward a few new tents, we can think of a most deserving 501c3! Sag Harbor Food Pantry, PO Box 1241, Sag Harbor, NY 11963.

Judi Caron and April Gornik

For the Board of Sag Harbor Partnership


Successful Chowder Tasting

Dear Editor:

The Sag Harbor Community Food Pantry would like to thank the many friends who contributed to this year’s very successful HarborFest. With the help of April Gornik of the Sag Harbor Partnership, Marilyn Holstein from the Chamber of Commerce and John Leonard, Atty. at Law, we had an amazing Chowder Tasting event.

As always, the Food Pantry volunteers stepped up to serve the gallons of clam chowder which were so generously donated by the following eleven local restaurants and markets:

Cove Deli, Bell & Anchor (Beacon), Crommer’s Market, Lt Burger, The Corner Bar, Il Cappuccino, Wolfer Kitchen, Page, Schiavoni’s Market, Dockside Bar & Grill and Harbor Market.

Our gratitude goes out  to all who gave of their time and effort. Your contributions will allow us to continue to serve the many families who depend on the Sag Harbor Community Food Pantry throughout the year.


Diane Lewis, President

Sag Harbor Food Pantry