Letters to the Editor: 7/28/16


Adventure Sail a Success

Dear Kathryn and Gavin,

We have such a wonderful, generous community!

So many of our neighbors donated items for the gift bags and luncheon that we at Breakwater gave our participants (girls age 10-15) in Adventure Sail last weekend.

We want to publicly acknowledge their contributions…they are so pivotal in the success of the event.

Our thanks to: Dave at Sag Harbor Beverage, Joe & Liza at Bay Burger, Gwen at the Wharf Shop, Lisa at the Sag Harbor Variety, Stacey at Flashbacks, Susan at Bridgehampton National Bank, Tom & Sandrene at Apple Bank, Jane at Brown Harris Stevens, Lisa, Donna & Colleen at Saunders, and Deb at Bridge Abstract.

The skippers of six boats took the girls sailing in our regatta and we owe them our thanks for their time and their vessels: Chris and “Swan’s Way,” Derrick and “Alyan,” Steve and “Gossip,” Dan and “Gracious,” Marty and “Cosmo” and Cathy and “We Four.”

Our weekend club steward Marty Knab made everything run smoothly with the help of some of our junior sailing instructors: Jean-Michele, Collin, Jake, Dylan, Natalia, Ella, Sophie, Laura and Jackie.

It was truly a group effort to make our 17th annual Adventure Sail a success. Breakwater Yacht Club and the National Women’s Sailing Association thank ALL our wonderful donors and volunteers.

With gratitude,

Cam Gleason, Co-Chair

Adventure Sail


Well, Gee, Thanks

Dear Bryan and Kathryn:

On behalf of my fellow board members and the Library Director Catherine Creedon, may I propose another award in addition to the many The Express deservedly earned in the NYS  Newspaper honors this spring —  a Summa cum laude for last week’s issue and your impressive coverage of the reopening of our beloved John Jermain Memorial Library this past Saturday. Not only did you accurately cover the complex, twisting history of how this happened, but you provided the facts, real facts, behind the economical, architectural, contextual, weather-related obstacles lying in the path to completion; and you gave us a clear timeline of those people, as well as our board predecessors, who became involved at the very beginning of the project to restore our wonderful old building. How it all happened from 2002 until July 2016 is no easy path to follow, but your inclusive coverage offered a valid, cohesive story.

It really does take a village to make this happen so beautifully, and we are most grateful for the constant support of our community. Many thanks to you and the entire Express staff.


Alison Bond

Secretary to the Board of Trustees of JJML


Person of the 21st Century

To the Editor,

I would like to share with you the extraordinary efforts of one of our own who should be heralded with the highest honors and our deepest gratitude. As most of your readers know, Mrs. Russel Sage donated the John Jermain Library to the community 100+ years ago, in addition to endowing its future operation. Unfortunately, the endowment withered over the years. But fortunately, the populous chose to tax themselves to continue its operation. Mrs. Sage also donated half the cost of the school on the hill. She was a forward thinking woman of generous nature who brought education to us in our sometimes rough and ready port. Our thanks to her should be eternal. But, the efforts I refer to in my opening sentence are for someone in our community who has produced an extraordinary result that has equaled those of Mrs. Sage: I refer to Catherine Creedon, the Director of the John Jermain Library.

When I first became part of a team to expand and renovate this substantial edifice I, along with many others, realized there were only two possible courses of action. Abandon the structure or renovate and add on to it. Catherine has been the guiding light, the captain of the ship, the seeker of vast sums, the director with endless patience in dealing with wayward community members, naysayers, ornery contractors, and recalcitrant government officials. How can one person possibly do so much (in addition to running an awesome library program in a temporary shoebox of a space)? I am truly amazed and grateful for her efforts on our community’s behalf, as I am to Mrs. Sage’s.

Mrs. Russel Sage was the person of the 20th Century for Sag Harbor. No one did more for us than her 100 years ago. But now, in the 21st Century, we have the great fortune to behold Catherine Creeden’s efforts at preserving, adding too, and invigorating our most cherished icon, The John Jermain Memorial Library. Ms. Creeden takes my vote for the person of the 21st Century for Sag Harbor.

Cathy will be uncomfortable by this letter so if you see her on the street console her, and thank her. For she is the most gracious of community servants and someone who I admire immensely.

Walter Wilcoxen

Sag Harbor