Letters to the Editor: 7/21/16


Silent Summer

To the Editor:

On summer afternoons I used to look forward to sitting on the deck overlooking the Greenbelt and Long Pond.  This past weekend, as I relaxed outside, I listened for the familiar chirp of the chickadees, the call of the cardinals and the chatter of the cat birds but there was not a sound from the animals living nearby.

Instead, the roar of aircraft filled the Greenbelt forcing birds, hikers, bird watchers and nature lovers to seek shelter elsewhere.  For hours we cringed from the noise while plane after plane roared overhead as they took off from East Hampton Airport.

Birds don’t sing on the weekends anymore.  We’ve traded machines with wings for the animals that inspired them.  What a tragic loss!


Diane Lewis

Sag Harbor


Partnership’s Role

Dear Kathryn,

Sag Harbor Partnership’s mission is to preserve and enhance the quality of life in Sag Harbor. To that end, we are partnering with various other not-for-profit organizations like ourselves to further the cultural, historical, and environmental health of the Village of Sag Harbor.

We have raised, and will continue to raise, money for the Sag Harbor Ambulance Corps, the John Jermain Memorial Library, Eastville Community Historical Society, traffic calming. Most recently, working with the entire community, funds were raised to help create a new waterfront park proposed by and in cooperation with the mayor and board of trustees.

Our BIG TENT: Party for the Park was held on July 10, and raised funds in excess of $100,000, enlisting the support of the Sag Harbor Fire Department, local artists, restaurants and vineyards, businesses, our Whalers baseball team, and police department. We received generous support from sponsors who care about the village’s real wealth, which lies in its history, culture, and healthy environment. Over 800 people attended. The party was preceded by a photo contest for Pierson High School students, juried by Eric Fischl and Ralph Gibson, and was exhibited at Dodds & Eder, connecting the Partnership with our school system. Future projects will include a drive to help erect an historically-appropriate fence around the AME Zion Church cemetery in conjunction with the Eastville Community Historical Society.

The Sag Harbor Walking Tours App is an extensive project of the Sag Harbor Partnership to put the history and fun of the village in the palm of one’s hand. Besides extant walking tours by the Sag Harbor Historical Society and the Eastville Community Historical Society, we have originated walking tours that showcase Literary Sag Harbor, the Remarkable Trees of Sag Harbor, Sag Harbor in Wartime, Wild Sag Harbor (a compendium of local nature trails and parks), and Cornices & Pilasters, an architectural tour. We also offer virtual tours made possible with the help of the historical society, like Vanished Sag Harbor and Fire and Water: The Great Disasters of Sag Harbor. And a Kids’ Tour, complete with treasure hunt, enables children to explore the village in a whole new way. For those without devices, we have published paper brochure versions of the Kids’ Tour, Cornices & Pilasters, and the Sag Harbor Cultural District, all of which are available at the village’s windmill on the wharf, which serves as a tourist information office.

Download our free Sag Harbor Walking Tours App via the Apple App Store or on GooglePlay. We have 15 tours finished and more on the way!

We invite the public to visit us online at www.sagharborpartnership.org, and to contact us at info@sagharborpartnership.org or at PO Box 182, Sag Harbor, NY 11963. Sag Harbor Partnership is an all-volunteer organization, and is a 501(c)3 designated not-for-profit. We can also be reached at 646-643-0775.

We are dedicated to an ever-expanding support of Sag Harbor Village and its magnificent community. We invite you to join us!


April Gornik, Nick Gazzolo, Eric Cohen, Judi Coran, Hilary Loomis, Susan Lacy, Susan Mead , Carol Ostrow and Jayne Young

Board of the Sag Harbor Partnership



To the editor:

I would like to make an important correction to the ad that Sag Harbor Partnership placed in the Express last week. There was an omission of one of our most significant artists, Reynold D. Ruffins, witch was entirely my fault for not proofreading properly. We thank all the artists for their important contribution to the success of our event.

Best regards,

April Gornik, Board Member

Sag Harbor Partnership