Letters to the Editor: 6/8/17


Exasperated Over Legs Argument

Dear Editors,

We would like to express our exasperation at the continued harassment of the Legs. It’s high time to let the Legs walk in peace.

In our town, aren’t we proud of our cultural environment, with a long history of artists working and residing here? Shouldn’t we be enjoying and supporting art for public enjoyment and viewing?

In fact we would love to see a rotating exhibition of outdoor art as part of the future John Steinbeck Park, much like one can see on the Hudson River Greenway on the west side of Manhattan as part of the art for public enjoyment to showcase local East End artists.

It’s crazy to spend taxpayer money and time and energy of local officials to fight with the owners of the Larry Rivers’ Legs. They are no longer lit up, they are not a noise disturbance, they are not an extremely controversial part of the body, and they are the work of a celebrated and world renowned East End artist and taxpayer, we assume. Indeed we celebrate them and are proud to show visitors to our beautiful town local art as one of its heritages.

Very truly yours,

Beth Josephs and Eduard Van Raay

Sag Harbor


Debating Later Starts

Dear Editor,

Please publish the following to School Board President Diane Kohlhoff, the Sag Harbor School board and Superintendent Graves.

I wanted to reiterate my gratitude for allowing my wife Wendy and I to express (albeit perhaps poorly) our opinions about the proposal for an even later school start time(s) within the district. I was in awe of the board’s professionalism and attention to detail in “getting it right.” In fact, I would go so far as to propose that it be a mandatory part of the curriculum that each, say, 9th grader, must attend at least one board meeting throughout the school year. If not to serve as a great civics lesson, then at least to stand as an example of just how serious our community considers their education.

Again, I hope I was clear in my opposition to the yet again proposed later school start time for our school district when speaking to the board with my wife Wendy last night. Having sat through the second open session we were all privy to the opinions of Janice Arabia and Mary Ann Miller. In my opinion, two very important points were brought to light in their comments which I found far greater and more relevant than my own. The first, in which Janice stated that this issue was addressed in the fairly recent past. The board and the community discussed, debated, analyzed and concluded with establishing actual LATER start times for both of our schools. Janice’s valid point was essentially, why are we taking up the community’s valuable time to rehash an issue that had been thoroughly examined already with, it must be reiterated, an outcome that I presume for many achieved some desired effect, later start times. I would kindly suggest that it is the responsibility of the board when faced with addressing heretofore previously addressed issues or extremely low priority issues that the board must delegate and prioritize not only your time more prudently but that of the community’s as well. There are many a fish to fry and going back over an issue that reached conclusion only two years ago is inefficient.

The second issue I found even more concerning. One that I believe mandates cancelling the idea of soliciting any poll to the community. As Mary Ann Miller (a person I only met for the first time last night) so thoughtfully pointed out, it is in direct conflict of the boards fiduciary responsibility to ask the community what their opinion is regarding a later start time when within any proposal children will be showing up for any after school activities late. Activities that our school district pays for them to participate in. In fact, is it my belief that in light of this astute observation it dictates that the proposition to start and end school at a later time be taken off the table for discussion entirely, for that one, glaring reason. Frankly, this potential poll would only highlight what little thought has gone into this proposal, thus reflecting poorly.

Lastly when revisiting Janice’s comments she noted that, “there is a system in place here,” and for good reason. Working families in some instances have crafted their schedules around their child’s school schedule. That, or many other timed daily and weekly events have been crafted around the already pre-existing start/end times. What the board is proposing is in no short order, the changing of people’s lives, in some cases dramatically. This is NOT just a simple issue of letting the children sleep in a little longer, this proposal has profound ripples throughout the lives of most members of our community. Members who in many cases are already so overwhelmed with schedules and work as it is.

I thank you for revisiting this issue with me.

Jay Flanagan

Sag Harbor


Supports Corish

Dear Editor,

As a long time active resident of Sag Harbor and business owner Aidan Corish will be a great addition to the Sag Harbor Board of Trustees.  Aidan and his family have lived for many years in the historic district and have been committed to making historic Sag Harbor a truly livable village.  Aidan’s experience in starting and growing a multinational business will provide an experienced voice on the short and long term financial challenges facing the village.  Most importantly, Aidan will be a collaborative member of the board responsive to the needs of the residents.  As a former trustee and village taxpayer, I enthusiastically endorse and encourage others to vote for Aidan for trustee.

Tim Culver

North Haven