Letters to the Editor: 6/2/16


Fun With Math

Dear Editor,

This year was Sag Harbor Elementary School’s 4th Math Adventure Fair. We are so fortunate to have many generous participants and volunteers… a list that grows every year. Everyone together made this a fabulous event for our children.

Any organizations or community members who are interested in participating next year, we’d love to have you. This year we had local architect Stuart Baseeches, fourth grade teacher Jeff Reed, Pierson Robotics, SoFo, CMEE, Parrish Art Museum, Apple Bank and Sag Harbor Sailing, all creatively engaging everyone in various aspects of mathematics. There was a Coin-Counting project and $370 was raised to be donated to the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons. So many other volunteers helped by creating activities, games, crafts, and decor, all connected with math.

Very special thanks to the Sag Harbor Youth Committee, Frank at Conca D’Oro, Schiavoni’s Market and Kites on The Harbor for their generous donations! Please support them. Of course, this happens every year under the guidance of our principal Matt Malone and assistant principal Donna Denon with support from SHES PTA. Thank you all so much.

See you next year!


Jocelyn Worrall and Diane Hewett

Math Fair Chairpersons


Shameful Litterers

Dear Editor

As the summer season approaches and the weather warms and we get ready to welcome our summer visitors, I am shocked to see how much trash remains on our roadsides, particularly along Long Beach Road. Through no small effort of our local girl scouts, who annually and bravely walk the beach road to clean up, and through the efforts of those volunteers who help as part of the Great East End Cleanup, we have made tremendous strides toward cleaner and neater roads.

But still I wonder how trash continues to accumulate at an alarming rate. Styrofoam coffee cups, soda cans, food wrappers and larger pieces that blow out of or are tossed out of car windows and from the backs of pick-up trucks fill the shrubs and curbsides making our neighborhoods look like they’re in a third world country.

Please people, have some respect for your neighbors. If you’re passing through, make sure your trash goes home with you. If you live here and you’re dumping your rubbish on the streets, shame on you.


Doris Sherman



Waste in Schools

Dear Editor:

It is a shame that the Sag Harbor school board presented a plan to spend over $10 million to purchase and renovate Stella Maris for a [pre] kindergarten program. It seems like there should be more cost effective ways of accomplishing this.

There is so much waste in having so many school districts.

We should have one COUNTY WIDE school board and eliminate the myriad of little fiefdoms, each with a bunch of pencil pushing administrators whose duplication of effort runs up extra costs for taxpayers throughout the county.

Ed Jablonsky

Sag Harbor