Letters to the Editor: 6/1/17


Missing Susan

To the Editors:
I was unable to attend the gathering at the library for Sue Farrell but wanted to tell of her influence in our lives. When my son Emmett was small, he had trouble fitting in at school. He was wordy and a bit eccentric. The library was a wonderful refuge from all of this. Sue seemed to always be in the kids section and always happy to see us. This was a lovely oasis, and her excitement about books was infectious. She would talk to Emmett about any series and book, and for as long as he wanted to. She knew them all — Percy Jackson, Eragon, Insurgent, Cherub — and oh, she’d say, did you try this one or that one, her hands roving over the stacks. She fired his imagination about reading and the possibilities of the written word, how stories and txt were often instructive in a way that purely visual experiences cannot match. She indulged my trips down memory lane — she knew all of those too — A Wrinkle in Time, The Borrowers, The Secret Garden. It was a joy to be with her, getting so excited about books new and old.

Emmett’s up at boarding school now; he just turned 17. So I don’t get to see him as much. But a few times a week we get on the phone at hispeak hour, around 10 p.m. We talk and argue about politics and books. He’s reading “Arguably,” “The Art of Fielding,” “The Yellow Wallpaper.” A few years ago he told me to read “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which I hadn’t gotten to. He said I was like Scout (very flattered). More than a mutual admiration society reading is a way that we can discuss ideas and be very opinionated, and argue, but more in the abstract. It’s a great way to know each other from far away, but also over the distance that naturally happens when kids grow up and become independent. Without a doubt his early experiences with Sue at the library helped make him the reader he is.

My stepmother Maria once said, “To be able to read is a gift for life.” I think that Sue really knew that and shared it with all of us, especially the kids. It is a precious gift that never goes away. We are grateful to have had her here for the time we did. She was an unusually generous and luminous person, and her loss to our library and community is deep and wide.

I know I’m in the company of many when I say, “Thank you” Sue. We love and appreciate you.

Rue Matthiessen

Sag Harbor


Support Corish

Dear Editor,

This last year, we had the fortunate opportunity to meet and get to know Aidan Corish and his wife at a friend’s dinner party. From our first impression, we knew him to be warm, knowledgeable and inquisitive. In the months since, our paths have crossed on multiple occasions and we have worked together on a couple of small projects. Aidan is smart, sensible, generous, and full of great ideas. We think he would be a wonderful asset to the Sag Harbor Village Board. As owners of a business on Main Street, we absolutely love our vibrant village and think Aidan has the forethought to help lead us into the future while preserving our rich history. We encourage all our friends and neighbors to take a moment to familiarize yourself with Aidan. We are sure you will be as impressed as we are with his vision and dedication to our village. Join us in supporting Aidan Corish for village trustee on June 20.

All the best,

Diana & Randy Kolhoff

Sag Harbor


Helping Youth

Dear Kathryn,

The Youth Resource Center of Sag Harbor’s board wants to publicly acknowledge our deepest gratitude to State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, the Village of North Haven, and the Village of Sag Harbor for making financial contributions to the Sag Harbor School District’s YARD After School Program over many years. They have enabled the school district to run this recreational program which has been an important component of life at Pierson Middle-High School for many students.

Whether students used the Community Room, where the program is held, between sports practices and games, theater practice, homework club, other clubs, or just as a welcoming place to be with friends and play games before parents pick them up at 5 o’clock, they knew it was there for them whenever they needed it.

We will be forever grateful to Mr. Thiele and the two villages for supporting this program.

Yours truly,

Janet Grossman, President

Youth Resource Center of Sag Harbor, Inc.