Letters to the Editor: 1/26/17


Wait on Windmills

Dear Kathryn,

Despite the critically important intentions of those in favor of wind power, the technology is not yet safe enough to justify building turbines off Montauk. I strongly beseech those in favor to take another and much closer look and insist on waiting and on implementation of the advanced generation of wind turbines coming around the bend.

We live on one of the world’s busiest flyways for migratory birds. Installing massive spinning blades off Montauk will result in a devastating carnage of our already imperiled songbird populations as well as other marine birds. Birds utilize the very wind currents we seek to harness. Between window strikes, feral cats, pesticides, fishing line and other threats, songbirds are declining drastically. They cannot take further insult and have absolutely no evolutionary adaptation to avoiding the lethal turbines.

Five hundred species rely on the Atlantic flyway, according to the Audubon Society. Bird deaths at sea go uncounted, unlike on land where bird deaths from turbines every year are estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands.

Bladeless turbines, lasers, mirrors, UV coatings, sounds and flashing lights are all advances being developed globally to protect birds. Periodic shutdown during migratory peaks as well as turbine speed and height are very important. Bird behavior and ecology must drive the designs, not the business community alone. Commitment from industry for ongoing research and collection of avian data must be included in any agreement with wind power companies. Rules must be mandatory, not voluntary.

Without our birds, mosquitoes will flourish along with the many viruses they carry. Other insects will also increase and take an enormous toll on agriculture. Let’s look to solar panels, acres of them, which provide the best technology available to slow global warming the fastest, not wind turbines. We must not sacrifice our precious bird populations within the very precarious web of nature in which we all exist.

Mary Ann Mulvihill-Decker

Sag Harbor


Take Advantage of Grass Offer

Dear Editor,

Again a Noyac icon has a generous offer for the entire community.

Robert Rubin, principal owner of The Bridge Golf Course, has offered to partner with the Sag Harbor School District to renovate the playing fields at Pierson and the Sag Harbor Elementary School by installing natural grass or sod. As a sample offering, the staff of The Bridge recently renovated a field at Pierson by installing natural grass. In just a few months, this field is one hundred percent better than what was there for years. This was accomplished by the knowledge of The Bridge’s certified turf expert, his staff and their use of high tech equipment while also adhering to safe environmental practices. (In case you didn’t know, The Bridge Golf Course has been given notoriety by the Audubon Society because of its planting of native species and strict adherence to safe environmental practices. The Bridge is one of the most studied golf courses in the world because of its prudent environmental practices. In fact, the Sebonac Golf course models itself after The Bridge.) Thank you, Mr. Rubin, for taking an interest in the Sag Harbor School District.

Because of Mr. Rubin’s civic mindedness, we have a professional turf expert willing to donate his time, expertise and the use of the golf course’s equipment to develop world class natural grass fields at both Pierson and the elementary school. Both natural grass or sod will be less expensive than one smaller proposed artificial turf field. Why not avail ourselves of this generous offer? Why not give our good neighbor’s offer a chance? Don’t the children deserve safe, healthy, natural grass playing areas? Natural grass and sod do not have any of the health risks that are being investigated by the EPA in artificial turf, namely lead and carcinogens.

For the aforementioned reasons, I ask that the voters consider voting YES on February 15 on the referendum. By voting YES, the 2013 bond money will be applied to install natural grass fields at Pierson and the elementary school.


Elena Loreto, President

Noyac Civic Council


Successful Ball

Dear Ms. Menu:

The East Hampton Town Republican Committee (EHTRC) inaugural ball was a huge success. As an organizer, I was delighted to see Mr. Kotz, cover the event. I have no idea what he will write, but I hope he enjoyed himself even as he was working.

We were blessed to have over 150 residents from East Hampton, Southampton, Sag Harbor and New York City party away. Tweens, millennials, seniors and octogenarians danced to music provided by a local DJ. We cheered on the DC inaugural events that we watched on a 10-foot TV screen. We feasted on food lovingly provided by the incredible and talented Gherardi family.

A huge thanks goes to the members of the American Legion Post 419 who allowed us to transform their party space into an American flag, ballooned festooned, confetti strewn atmosphere, that included a life size cutout of the 45th President, Donald J. Trump. The evening was made even greater by the kindness and support of our local businesses. Fear of reprisals prevents me from naming them, but they know who they are and they know the people at the event are grateful for their presence in our community.

Of course, I must thank all of the guests that attended the ball. Their generosity of spirit and energy fueled a successful and happy event. Stay tuned. The EHTRC looks forward to more celebratory events in the future.


Carole Campolo

Republican, ED leader