Letters to the Editor: 12/15/17


Losing by Degree

Dear Editor:

I too am “just a kid from Brooklyn” and in fact slept in the family living room with my sister in our two-bedroom, Borough Park apartment. My grandparents were in the second bedroom.

Difference is, when I was fortunate enough to purchase a property in Sag Harbor with a historically important building on it I did not balk at fully restoring it within the expert guidance of the ARB — window frame by window frame, beveled glass pane by beveled glass pane. It’s a matter of respect; respect for the town and its profound history. And I assure you, I did not receive any tax credits from the town, nor do I hold a job as prestigious and obviously lucrative as president of Cantor Fitzgerald. Some things should be more important than money.

We lose our history and heritage by degrees; one building, one beveled glass window at a time. What really is a pity is that in this case we may be losing it over a pissing match. It seems clear by the article that Mr. Hersch will not let the town “bully” him. Surely he cannot let little old North Haven have their way with him. He’s worked too hard and has made too much money for that. So, we all loose. And we lose for the ages.

Joe Lauro

Sag Harbor


Dave’s Legacy

Dear Editor,

My name is Michele Lee Connar, first born to David and Vera Lee. Here are a few extra tidbits that so endeared my father, David Jacob Lieberman, to me. His name was changed, in the midst of World War II. As beautiful a name his was, it was just too ethnic. What a sad commentary! That’s how Dave Lee emerged!

One of my father’s richest legacies is his family. In addition to his wife, Johannah, my husband, Stephen, and I, my sister, Cheri, and her husband Joseph Laviano, all of whom have been instrumental in caring for my father and the whole family, my own family consists of Rebecca Lee and her husband, Orin, who have brought us two lovely granddaughters, Yaeli, age six, and Naama, age three. These precious little ladies are living in Israel and are visiting us and the rest of the family during the holidays.

We are so richly blessed, my father and all of his loved ones.


Michele Lee Connar


Mea Culpa

Dear Kathryn,

Mea culpa! In my recent letter of thanks I omitted Whitmore’s Landscaping who provided their services gratis for the prelimnary tree-cutting and pruning at the AME Zion Cemetery. We are truly grateful to their crew in helping us to maintain a historical treasure in the village.

Michael A. Butler

Eastville Community Historical Society


Successful Dinner Dance

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Noyac Civic Council, I would like to thank the many persons who pitched in to make our Fall into the Holidays Dinner Dance a huge success. First, I’d like to thank WLNG for their many years of service by airing our holiday festivities announcement.

Muse in the Harbor did a superb job of preparing and serving gourmet food to a full house of revelers as we danced the night away to the music of D.J. David Pharaoh. Many Noyac residents and businesses donated gifts for our door prizes, too many to acknowledge here. The NCC also thanks Elfie Winkle-Neuman, Diane Hewett, John and Maryanne Arendt, Carole Campolo, Chuck Neuman, Sharon Bakes and Janet Verneuille who either collected tickets or sold tickets to support the NCC Scholarship Fund or 50/50 raffle during our dinner dance. The Empire National Bank generously donated its luxury suite for a 2017 L.I. Ducks game and the Bridge Golf Course donated a foursome of golf, both of which raised funds for our scholarship fund. We also thank Diane Hewett of DCH Graphics for her professional design and layout of our holiday flyers and printed matter.

On December 10, Dowling’s Steak House will host our children’s Christmas party. Thank you, Mike and Betty Dowling.

I apologize to anyone whom I might have left out of the thank you list. Many Noyac Civic Council members contribute their time throughout the year to make the NCC a vibrant voice for our community. By attending meetings, making phone calls, or contacting our local officials, these NCC members advocate for Noyac and give stature to our organization. Thank you!

The NCC asks our community to patronize our local businesses, especially during the holiday season. The Noyac Civic Council wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah and a Happy New Year.


Elena Loreto,

President Noyac Civic Council


Girl Scout Troop 152 Gives Thanks 

Dear Kathryn,

Today I am proud to announce that our Girl Scout Troop 152 has officially completed their project for their Bronze Award. Their journey started three years ago with an idea on how they can help their community. After much brainstorming, their decision was to help Mashashimuet Park get a new piece of playground equipment. A Bronze Award is the first of three awards that Girl Scouts can complete. Earning a Bronze Award requires hard work, dedication and perseverance as they strive to make a positive difference in their community. They have set a fine example of leadership and strength of character for Girl Scouts everywhere.

They wouldn’t have gotten here alone without the help of the park board who approved of this project and welcomed these girls with open arms. We would like to thank them and a few people who contributed much of their time into helping us complete this project. Much thanks to Tom O’Donoghue for helping us build the walkway and patio. To Robert Hallock, who donated the materials and helped us build the benches by the walkway. Also to local artists Kris Nielsen who designed and painted the sign as you enter the walkway. And, of course, we thank the Sag Harbor community, near and far, who embraced our project and bought the engraved bricks that align the waylay. With all of your efforts, we were able to purchase the new “Flywheel Spinner” and help purchase new equipment for the future playground.

This playground that out community cherishes is one that has brought many happy memories to all of us that have lived here. The park board has taken on the project of building a future new playground for Sag Harbor. The design of the new playground can be found on the park’s website as well as the information you need to purchase an engraved brick if you would like one added to the walkway. We have turned this part of the fundraiser over to the park. It will be ongoing to earn money needed to build the new playground. To donate to the park and help out in any way you can, please visit the website: mashashimuetpark.com.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you, Sag Harbor,

Jen Glass

Girl Scout Troop 152


Noisy Menace

Dear Editor,

The leaf blower is the most idiotic tool I have ever seen. It is a public health menace.

The noise is deafening, and the soil and animal feces blows in the air, settling in our lungs and houses.

We will all have respiratory problems and hearing loss, especially the workers, who probably don’t even have health insurance. Carrying a heavy, noisy machine on one’s back, and waving a huge hose around can’t be such a time and energy saver. And so what if raking takes a little longer. At least it’s quiet.

With all the mowers and blowers, helicopters and planes, and new construction that takes years, we might as well change our name to Noise Hampton.


Ruby Jackson

Sag Harbor