Letters to the Editor: 12/1/16


Unjustifiable Noise

Dear Editor,

Sixty four percent of East Hampton Village residents are bothered by aircraft noise according to findings from a recent quality of life survey conducted by East Hampton Village Preservation Society.

The Sag Harbor village percentage likely is similar, and Northwest, North Haven, Noyac, North Sea and North Fork even higher. Highest of all would be the percentages of people bothered by noise who live under the “corridor of misery”, communities on the north shore of Long Island, under the FAA’s infamous North Shore Route to the Hamptons. That route impacts residents from Riverhead to Stony Brook, Port Jeff, Port Washington, East Setauket, Lloyds Neck, Oyster Bay, Roslyn, Whitestone all the way into NYC. The flight path over the railroad track and another along the South Shore impacts residents in other communities. In other words, residents the length and breadth of Long Island are impacted by East Hampton’s noisy, polluting aircraft operations. If noise complaints are falling, how is it that a new independent (i.e. not controlled by aviation cronies) website created by a young man in Whitestone Queens, has already logged over 36,000 complaints this year tracking small plane and helicopter flights travelling these routes!

This unnecessary air travel, for the convenience of very few, comes at the expense of thousands and thousands of families from East Hampton to NYC. East Hampton Airport’s widespread noise and pollution is not justifiable; no way, no how, not ever. East Hampton Town can change that, it should take immediate steps to close the airport. It’s the right thing to do.

Thank you

Patricia Currie



Help With Cemetery

Dear Kathryn,

At this time of giving thanks and counting our blessings there are numerous individuals and companies who must be recognized as the installation of the fence surrounding the AME Zion Cemetery continues apace. Many hands contributed to the initial prep work prior to the delivery of the fence.

These include tree and cemetery expert Ed Hollander, Tim Blenk Tree Care & Assoc., Bartlett Tree Experts and Bill Miller & Assoc. whose amazing crews of workmen toiled throughout the day to remove several dead trees and limbs from the cemetery grounds thereby saving our historical society many thousands of dollars. We would never have been able to afford this work and are deeply indebted to them.

Special thanks are also due to Village Mayor Sandra Schroeder, Mr. Dee Yardley, surveyor Michael Hemmer and our neighbors Bill Jones and Robert Fried. And, of course, our own April Gornik who continues to work tirelessly to bring this project to fruition.

If there is anyone who may have inadvertently been overlooked, please excuse the omission. Look for our ribbon cutting ceremony, which is tentatively set for Sunday, December 18th.


Michael A. Butler, Chairman,

Cemetery Preservation Committee

Eastville Community Historical Society


Count the Ballots

Dear Editor:

Good for Jill Stein for spear-heading the recount to bring clarity to the 2016 election.

First of all: No more faith-based voting. We must “hand-count” the “paper ballots” to see if votes were accurately cast and counted. We should have been conducting “audits” for the last 16 years. Secondly—All paper ballots must be secured and transparent chain-of-custody enforced before and during the count. Thirdly—Thanks to the Supreme Court’s dashing of the Voting Rights Act, wholesale disenfranchisement of eligible voters is now out-of-control and rampant. Fourthly, when other nations’ exit polls are so off the mark from vote counts, the U.S. is the first to call such elections fraudulent. Wisconsin now wants to dch elections fraudulent. Wisconsin now wants to do a recount by machine but that will only give the same results. Jill Stein is rightly suing Wisconsin to prevent this. Only by counting the actual paper ballots can we see the voters’ intent.

Julie Penny



Turf Field Forum

Dear Editor

As you are probably aware, Sag Harbor School Union Free School District is having an urgent community vote ‪on December 14th, 2016.

The community is being asked to approve of, or not, the release of additional money to install a synthetic turf/crumb rubber field at Pierson.

‪On Thursday, December 1 at 6 p.m.‪ in the Pierson library, The Pierson PTSA and SHES PTA are co-hosting a special meeting to provide its members and the community another opportunity to discuss, and learn about the vote.

We have invited guest speakers Patti Woods of Grass Roots Environmental Education and our own superintendent, Katy Graves, to help us do just that.

PTA/PTSA members in good standing will also have the opportunity to cast a vote as to PTSA/PTA’s official collective position on the installation of synthetic turf.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Aura Winarick, PTSA president

Paul Denkewitz, PTA president