Letters to the Editor: 11/3/16


Heating Up

Dear Editor

Campaign season is really heating up, and if you haven’t been paying attention to the Congressional election between Congressman Lee Zeldin and Anna Throne-Holst then it is about time you did. The first debate was on Thursday, October 6, and it really highlighted the difference between the two candidates. On one side, we have a strong leader who knows the facts, and on the other there’s a candidate who couldn’t seem to get a handle on the issues. I don’t know if Throne-Holst was nervous, ill prepared, or just lacking in knowledge altogether, but she did not seem qualified in anyway to be debating Rep. Zeldin.

I almost felt bad for the poor woman; every attack she launched at the Congressman was easily countered with some fact or figure. When Throne-Holst attempted to criticize him for opposing gun control efforts, Zeldin came back and called her out on the lie, as if he saw the shot coming. When she called the Congressman part of a dysfunctional, do nothing Congress, Zeldin fired back with a long list of accomplishments over his first term. It only makes sense that Throne-Holst is lagging in the polls this close to election day. If I were her, I would start praying for some sort of scandal to emerge and tarnish Zeldin’s image; it is pretty clear that when it comes knowing what policy will fix Long Island and the country, Congressman Zeldin has her beat hands down.

Valerie Zuccarelli

Hampton Bays


Claims Artificial Turf is Better

Dear Editor:

  • The Facts About the Decision for Artificial Turf at Pierson.

Before we get into the truth behind the turf decision we face on December 14, we need to understand that the athletes, parents, coaches and athletic staff, and the rest of the students in Pierson agree that we need an artificial turf field. You need to know that. Any other vote will be against the needs and will of the actual people who will be using the field.

Nonetheless, there are still some who are fighting the installation of the artificial turf field, even though it was already voted on, and decided, by a wide margin of our actual Sag Harbor population, three years ago.

  • No Cost to You for Artificial Turf:

Voting for the use of reserve funds for the field will not cost you an additional penny! The funds are already available in the building reserve fund.

  • Cancer Scares Removed from Our Decision:

The board has reached a very intelligent solution in terms of the already approved artificial turf field: Install an artificial turf field that doesn’t use those potentially carcinogenic crumbs… Let’s look at that:

The component in artificial turf that is the potentially dangerous part of the field that was potentially carcinogenic was the infill, the crumbs in between the blades of synthetic grass. The board has voted to use alternate infills that are totally innocuous, and totally safe for the environment, with zero carcinogens. Moreover, they have decided to use an infill that is about 35 degrees cooler than traditional infills when it’s really hot outside. The environmental challenges have been removed. In my opinion the artificial turf will be totally safe for our students.

Those of us who were worried about carcinogens getting to our kids from artificial turf have no reason to vote against it now.

  • But…What’s Wrong With Natural Turf?

It doesn’t work for our school.

The natural turf field behind Pierson will become a very limited use field.

There will be a wall, actually a fence, stopping the use of the field for daily use of our students and the community.

Out of all of our students, only two teams, soccer and field hockey, will be able to practice on it. But for serious field hockey competition, our girls still need artificial turf!

So sixty kids, out of the over 600 students at Pierson, will use the field, and only for one season. And when it rains, they won’t be able to use it.

Every other student will be barred from its use…..every other student!

One hundred days a year less use: Natural turf cannot be used when it rains or is too cold, and needs two months of total rest a year. You can actually plow snow off an artificial turf field.

No baseball or softball ever again! All bat and ball sports will be removed from the backyard of Pierson forever!

Natural turf is a money pit.

  • Do You Want More Teachers or Natural Turf?

The natural turf field will create over $100,000 a year, or over a million dollars in on-budget costs for the school over ten years. With cost caps of 2%, the school will have to limit other personnel, just to have this limited use field manicured by a superintendent of the turf and mowing/care personnel. This means that we will have to limit spending on teachers and administrators, the people who teach your students, by up to $100,000 a year, excluding inflation. This is not a hard choice!

  • Ecologically, Natural Turf Stinks!

Literally, it will stink back there.

We will need to put down 5,000 to 10,000 pounds of fertilizer, made out of bird feces, every year, on each of the two fields we will be keeping up. State law doesn’t allow us to use pesticides or herbicides, both of which the experts all agree we need to have a natural turf field.

  • Our Ground Water Will Be In Jeopardy

The phosphates and nitrates from 10,000 pounds of fertilizer will seep down into the groundwater, threatening anyone who has well water.

  • Each Natural Turf Field Needs One Million Gallons of Water A Year!

The natural turf field will use one million gallons of water a year, and we will have to water other fields more too, if we are going to use them.

  • Air Pollution Will Rise

The natural turf field will need to be mowed once or twice a week, by big mowers without catalytic converters, spewing CO2 and exhaust into our air.

Dust from the fertilizer will end up in the air, being breathed in by our students, and the rest of our community.

  • Artificially Turf is the Only Pragmatic, Financially and Ecologically Sound Choice

This vote will not cost you a additional penny! The funds are already available, in the building reserve fund.

Join the pragmatic parents of the district, side with the athletes, coaches and athletic staff, and vote for the use of funds from the building reserve fund for the extra costs for the field we all have all already approved in 2013.

Thank you. My kids thank you.

Greg Burton

Sag Harbor