Letters to the Editor: 11/17/16



Dear Editor:

We want to publicly express our gratitude for a job well done! On Sunday, October 23, our family was gathered for a fall cleanup. Our son-in-law fell from a ladder. Within five minutes both the police and volunteer ambulance were on the scene. All were caring and well trained. Due to the initial, excellent care he received he is now on the road to recovery.

We are grateful to live in a community that has such wonderful services as well as caring people who volunteer.

Thanks to all who were involved.


Claire and John Kirkwood



The Problem

Dear Editor:

He thought he was…

A sensual man

Who started to drink

When each day began


Whether he was working

Or on a vacation

His glass was ever present

With his favorite libation


From a little nip of brandy

In the early morning light

To that big old bottle of whiskey

Which he’d finish off that night


Sometimes a beer at breakfast

Just on a whim

Shots of rye at noontime

Seemed sociable to him


If he felt slightly bored

In the afternoon hours

He could make things seem much better

With a couple of whiskey sours


There was never a single day

That he didn’t think

That his life improved so greatly

Every time he took a drink


That went on for years and years

Living life without a goal

Till the debilitating effect of it all

Started to take it’s toll


First hands would slightly tremble

Then speech would slur a bit

And balance problems surfaced

Why stand when you can sit?


Then the occasional incident

Perhaps a mishap with the car

And the curious blank space in time

Like, “Who brought me home from the bar?”


Little problems on the job

Life at home not going well

Wife claiming that he’s “drunk again.”

She noticed when he fell


Now the people that are near him

Are watching as he fails

Some even roll their eyes

If they’re close when he exhales


He knows there’s a slight problem

He’s not sure exactly what

Seems his life’s not going right

He just might be in a rut


And suddenly those who love him

Attempt to intervene

They speak to him sincerely

They’re not trying to be mean


They’ve called a spade a spade

And told him that he’s sick

They ask him to take certain steps

He has choices…He can pick


Now he admits there’s a problem

He even knows it’s name

He’s powerless, it’s unmanageble

There’s no one else to blame


Yes, it’s time to start recovery

That’s the point of this whole rhyme

And he’s perfectly capable of doing it

Just one day at a time


Richard Sellentin

Florida and Bridgehampton