Latin Spin comes to Hamptons Gym Corp

Latin Spin Instructors Wil Barreto and Nella Jiminez

Modern spinning is a culmination of varying fitness activities: indoor cycling meets group fitness meets dance club. Focused on endurance and strength, the energetic workout took off more than a decade ago, leading to studios like SoulCycle and Flywheel focusing on this particular form of exercise and companies like Peloton manufacturing bikes for home use, equipped to tune into group classes remotely. It’s been a hit in local gyms, too. Ten years ago, the Hamptons Gym Corp Sag Harbor location leased studio space to Flywheel to offer spin classes to their clients. Last November, the brand pulled out and the studio underwent an upgrade before reopening Memorial Day weekend. What stands out now is a new offering catering to a demographic that makes up a large part of the community: Latin Spin.

Hamptons Gym Corp spin director Kerrie Jurkiewicz says they have been getting staff trained and certified, and that the vibe around town is that people are thrilled. “There is a large Latin community and there has been a calling for this type of class,” she says. “It is specifically instructed in Spanish, which has never been offered in our community before. It’s going to be a lot of fun training Latin instructors. The music is so uplifting, even if you don’t know the words. It has been an absolute thrill.”

Nella Jimenez is a transitional instructor, teaching the same class in both Spanish and English. She was certified in Costa Rica and aims to bring a Caribbean energy and flow to the class with a variety of music styles like salsa, merengue and reggae. Combining these different rhythms with her passion for spinning and outdoor mountain biking, classes promise to be a thrill.

“There’s an adrenaline about the sport that I really enjoy,” Jimenez says. “I don’t miss a single Tour de France. I believe you have to be disciplined and persistent, and all of those reasons pushed me to become a trainer, to have fun and enjoy what I’m doing by motivating others to feel what I feel for this sport.”

Jurkiewicz says it has been a wonderful experience getting new trainers certified. This includes Wil Barreto who will instruct classes strictly in Spanish. “It has been a wonderful new experience to be able to become a spin instructor,” Barreto says. “I love to engage more people in my classes. There is no limit.”

As part of the Sag Harbor Gym spin studio’s upgrade, the fitness company began using advanced technology and has brought in Spinner Chrono bikes coupled with SPINpower programming. With the feel of a real road bike, they offer magnetic resistance and power-based training to track efforts. Spin workouts allow participants to burn around 500 calories in a 45-minute session. It builds muscle tone, targeting the thighs, calves, buttocks, and abdominal muscles.

“It is very good for the knees and different body types,” Jurkiewicz says of the exercises, which also builds cardio endurance and is a low impact exercise, meaning it doesn’t put pressure on the joints the way some other aerobic and running exercises can. We decided to offer spin again keeping in mind our community and keeping everyone healthy.”

For the Sag Harbor Gym, offering Latin Spin was a no brainer. It reaches a substantial part of the community that enjoys fitness but may not necessarily have had the opportunity to take a class in their native language. Spin is something that can be taught in two languages and with the music, which is a crucial component for any of these classes, and the gym says it just made sense.

Latin Spin classes are offered daily, with Latin Spin currently available on Wednesdays and Fridays. Class is open to all levels. For more information, visit