Kerr Elected Sag Harbor School Board President

District clerk Victoria Handy, right, administers the oath of office to January Kerr on July 9. Christine Sampson photo

January Kerr, the second-year trustee who was board vice president last year, was elected school board president by a 6-0 vote on Monday night. Diana Kolhoff, who served as school board president the last two years, was voted in as vice president.

“I’m honored that my fellow board members have unanimously entrusted me with the opportunity to serve our community as board president,” Ms. Kerr said Wednesday. “Serving as vice president last year, I know that I’m ready for the challenge because Diana Kolhoff is a remarkable mentor. Her leadership skills, educational background and guidance helped to prepare me for this role.”

Ms. Kerr said this year she is looking forward to “standing beside Ms. Graves when she cuts the ribbon to the former Stella Maris building, even if the community decides to name it Schooly McSchoolface.”

“While the school is being renovated, it’s my hope that the board will undergo its own renovation,” she said. “This year, the board has the rare opportunity to turn inward and reassess its role as a governing body by focusing on internal operating procedures. It’s important to remember that stability must come from the top.”

The board also welcomed new member Jordana Sobey, who was elected to her first term after running unopposed in May.

District clerk Victoria Handy, left, swears in Jordana Sobey on July 9. Christine Sampson photo