Jeremy Dennis Discusses ‘On This Site’

Artist and photographer Jeremy Dennis. Photo courtesy of the artist.

The East Hampton Library’s Long Island Collection will present a live Zoom discussion with Jeremy Dennis about his “On This Site” project, on Monday, April 5, at 6:30 p.m.

Dennis is an enrolled Shinnecock Indian Nation tribal member, artist and photographer. During the presentation, he will discuss local indigenous East Hampton history as part of his art-based photography project “On This Site,” which aims to preserve sacred Native American sites spanning 10,000 years to the present, throughout Long Island. He will also share artwork from his portfolio as it relates to Shinnecock history.

“Ghost of the white deer” by Jeremy Dennis.

“On This Site” presents an opportunity to reflect upon archaeological and oral histories to answer essential culturally defining questions.

“My hope is to create curiosity for all audiences, as it creates a dialogue between indigenous and nonindigenous people on Long Island and legitimizes the Long Island indigenous population beyond their borders on reservations,” Dennis said.

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