Jefferson Street House Creeps Forward


10 Jefferson_0416

The house at 10 Jefferson Street. 

After months of review, it appears Evan DiPaulo of 10 Jefferson Street will get to build the house he wanted, to the rear of his property, while keeping a second house at the front of the property as some type of accessory structure.

The Sag Harbor Village Zoning Board of Appeals took a straw vote on the plans when it met Tuesday night, although it held off on issuing a final approval until it receives a report from the ARB.

Neighbors had opposed Mr. DiPaulo’s original plan to build to the rear of the property and raze the existing house, arguing that the Sag Harbor streetscape features houses built close to the street and that removing one from that line would be like smile with a missing front tooth.

Tim McGuire, the board’s acting chairman, said it placed an “unfair onus” on a property owner to require him to maintain as open space a portion of his property for the benefit of neighbors only. The opinion was echoed by other board members, who agreed Mr. DiPaulo had a right to build to the rear of the property.

Board chairman Anthony Hagen said the only alternative he was for “issuing a lot of variances” so Mr. DiPaulo could undertake a major renovation of the former Santecroce family house. Mr. Hagen said he was guided in his review of all applications by the motto of trying to issue as few variances as possible.