UPDATE: South Fork Braces for Another Snowstorm on Saturday

Saturday Jan. 7 Snowfall

More snow is expected to fall on Saturday on the South Fork. National Weather Service image

By Christine Sampson

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for Saturday morning through late Saturday night, with the potential for four to six more inches of snow predicted for the East End.

The winter storm watch forecasts “a more significant snow on Saturday” than Friday’s snowfall, which caused two-hour delays in the Sag Harbor School District and most other local districts. On Friday afternoon, both the Sag Harbor School District and the Bridgehampton School announced all school activities would be cancelled for Saturday due to the impending storm.

“A winter storm watch means there is a potential for significant snow that may impact travel,” the National Weather Service said in its Friday morning forecast.

Dee Yardley, Sag Harbor’s superintendent of public works, said he observed the snow started around 3 a.m. Friday morning, and by 5 a.m., close to three inches had fallen. That’s when he dispatched crews to plow the roads.

On Friday, village crews had prepped all village roadways with beet juice salt brine that is intended to create a barrier between the pavement and any snow and ice that may form. The village used about 1,200 gallons of the brine on Friday, but it is only an effective tool for small amounts of snow and on roadways that aren’t already wet, Mr. Yardley said. A heavier snowfall and wet roads require a sand-and-salt mix, which the village has readily available, he said.

“By putting the salt brine down the day before, it could buy you six hours of snowing before we would have to go out to start plowing,” Mr. Yardley said. “In other words, you can get some beauty sleep before we call you.”

The village has 12 drivers who can plow all village roads in about two hours, he said.

“There’s really nothing out of the ordinary. It isn’t the snow of the century,” Mr. Yardley said. “Right now, we’re just cleaning the trucks off and getting ready for the next one. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. If it was a two-footer I’d be a little more worried.”



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