It’s a Drive-By of the Artistic Kind

Dianne Blell’s "Table for Two/Separate Tables." Dinner is set at two tables, chained together and six feet apart, demonstrative of distress and liminality in our contemporary society of ‘distance.’

All across the South Fork, a car-themed touring art show of sorts will be offered this weekend by some 50 painters, sculptors, photographers, performance artists, film and video makers, poets, and musicians.

Called “Drive-By-Art (Public Art in This Moment of Social Distancing),” this road-themed show is organized by Warren Neidich and will be offered Saturday and Sunday, May 9 and 10, from noon to 5 p.m. (raindates May 16 and 17).

As the name suggests, Drive-By-Art is an outdoor public art exhibition that, from Southampton to East Hampton, will be experienced from the safety and intimacy of one’s own automobile (sound familiar?).

Participating artists will install and display artworks on their properties related to this moment of social distancing. This is a diverse, talented and creative bunch, so look for sculptures and paintings on lawns, video projections on the sides of houses and even picture windows used as stages for shadow puppet performances.

The artists are: Suzanne Anker, Brianna Ashe, Elena Bajo, Monica Banks, Dianne Blell, Joe Brondo, Philippe Cheng, Frank Gillette, Kelly Darr, Jeremy Dennis, Eric Dever, Sally Egbert, Esly Escobar, Eva Faye, Eric Fischl, Saskia Friedrich, Robin Gianis, Janet Goleas, Carly Haffner, Hiroyuki Hamada, Barry Holden, Alice Hope, Soren Hope, Erica-Lynn Huberty, Bryan Hunt, Joan Jonas, Eileen O’Kane Kornreich, Laurie Lambrecht, Steve Miller, Jill Musnicki, Cassi Namoda, Stephen Neidich, Joel Perlman, Toni Ross and Sara Salaway, Matthew Satz, Bastienne Schmidt, Christine Sciulli, Barry Schwabsky, Bruce M. Sherman, Keith Sonnier, Sabina Streeter, Carol Szymanski, Evan Thomas, Susan Vecsey, Ryan Wallace, Lucy Winton, Nina Yankowitz, Darius Yektai, Almond Zigmund.

Bios of the artists and maps of where their works can be viewed on May 9 and 10 can be found at Drive-By-Art will also conduct real-time interviews with some of the artists on Instagram and Facebook.

Honk if you’re arty!