Holidays Are Alive at Salty Home in Bridgehampton

Holiday figures at Salty Home in Bridgehampton.

By Gianna Volpe

If you’re searching for the perfect place-settings, scents or other home décor to make this holiday season an extra special one—let alone suitable stocking stuffers, small or even gargantuan gifts for beloved family members or friends—Salty Home in Bridgehampton Commons aims to deliver.

Co-owner Jessica de Kerillis—who can be found helping customers with brand-new baby boy, Toby, in tow, says aromatherapy continues to be an unstoppably hot-seller with cinnamon scents like Aromatique’s “Smell of Christmas” shoving aside Pumpkin Spice as forcefully as Santa Claus himself has been sent to the back of his own sleigh in favor of his helpers this holiday season. “It’s huge,” she said of the 2016 social media obsession with Santa’s elves. “People are posting all the crazy ways they’re posing their elves—It’s hysterical—it gets the parents involved and the kids too.”

Though Salty Home had already sold through their cache of the classic “Elf on the Shelf” by December1, the charming Bridgehampton shop is still carrying pose-able elves of the vintage marionette variety, which is becoming ever more popular as homeowners now search for something that will bring their elf game to the next level. “They’re completely posable, so you can hang them off the chandelier or put them in your tree,” said Ms. de Kerillis. “If you’re having a buffet dinner, you can even have him sitting at the table holding something.”

The dining room table set at the front of Salty Home reflects the “jewel tone” palette of which Ms. de Kerillis said she is quite fond, rather than the more traditional palette—a Nile or lime green in favor of an Evergreen, for example—but added that items can be found fitting every taste and personality out there. “I do a cranberry wine red, instead of a fire engine red when it comes to my own home décor, but color palette is such an individual thing and the beauty of this store is that we carry all different palettes—and you can mix the categories with others—so there’s something for everybody’s needs,” she said. “I’m always wondering how I’m going to separate the different spaces, but it always works whether or not you mix in different things from other categories.”

The de Kerillis lean towards the neutral seems key to Salty Home’s ability to mix and match without clashing, overwhelming or appearing overly matchy, so it’s in this space that one can see how perfectly at home a Robin’s Egg blue Santa Claus can be when paired alongside a concrete car with wooden Christmas tree stacked on top, but Ms. de Kerillis said color continues to be king amongst the Salty Home customer base. “I think these are the coolest things in the whole world,” she said of the minimalist Christmas car. “But every time I want to do a more natural or neutral, organic landscape, people here still always tend to go toward the more colorful and more traditional, especially the closer it gets to Christmas.”

That means ornaments—like an ornate red sedan with sparkling wreath jutting from its grill—are also selling like hotcakes at Salty Home, as are holiday pillows such as one the one featuring seagull topped with Santa’s hat. “Holiday pillows are big,” said Ms. De Kerillis, “And the whimsical signs are still always a hit.” And while her son, Toby, will be celebrating his first Christmas this year, Ms. de Kerillis said she’s most excited about seeing elder son, Vivo, register for the first time that Santa has, indeed, arrived. “This is the first year that he’s really going to get it,” she said, sending a smile over to her sleeping child.

Salty Home is located in the Bridgehampton Commons. Fore more information, call (631) 237-1250 or visit