Headed to the Promised Land

Peter Gregory

The Arts Center at Duck Creek in Springs is pleased to announce “Promised Land,” an exhibition of five mixed media paintings by Peter Gregory, on view in the little barn at Duck Creek Farm. This exhibition will be on view August 15 to September 15, Thursday to Sunday, 2 to 6 p.m.

Peter Gregory is an emerging American painter influenced by nature and the counterculture of the 1960s. These guiding principles are present in the formal aspects of his abstract compositions, as well as their processes. The artist’s materials of choice, found fabrics, dyes and pigments, read like a Dead Head’s shopping list. But Gregory works the iconic tie-dyed spin out of its psychedelic pigeonhole and into the language of abstract expressionism.

The five paintings in this exhibition are part of a series Gregory calls “Flags,” each featuring a quadrant of the painting that alludes to this symbol. Formally, the divided canvas and collage function as a nod to artists like Robert Rauschenberg. Philosophically, Gregory’s approach to painting is more aligned with Motherwell, who once said, “Painting, like music, tends to become its own content.”

Gregory considers each work a flag of its own, a symbol of personal freedom, for anyone who needs one. “

Perhaps today it would be nice to have your own flag that identifies you, rather than your politics, and maybe unifies us as individuals.”

Peter Gregory was raised in North Carolina, where his father natured a love of music that is revealed in the exhibition title, as well as the painting titles themselves.

The Arts Center at Duck Creek is at 127 Squaw Road, East Hampton. For more information visit duckcreekarts.org.