Hayground School March 19, 2009


Hayground’s oldest students completed their winter apprenticeships last Thursday. Some students remained on campus and apprenticed with a range of talented chefs from the East End community. The culinary arts program was designed by executive chef, Joe Realmuto of Nick and Toni’s. Chefs like Bryan Futerman of Foody’s, Molly Harding of Nick and Toni’s, Miche Bacher of Sacred Sweets, Andrew Engle of the Laundry, Laura Donnelly, George Hirsh, Bruce McVigir, and Cheryl Stair conducted workshops and the Hayground apprentices learned a great deal from these masters in their field. The apprentices who left the campus worked at Provisions in Sag Harbor, The Animal Rescue Fund in East Hampton, the East End Vet Clinic in East Hampton, The Watermill Center in Watermill, Cavaniola’s Gourmet Cheese Shop in Sag Harbor and with Art Ludlow at Mecox Bay Dairy Farm. Working alongside mentors in a variety of fields is just part of what the oldest students have been doing. Additionally, they are devoting much of their year to a study of American History and reading novels by John Steinbeck.