Springs’ Newest Corner Shop is Stanley & Sons


Inside Stanley & Sons in Springs. Mahreen Khan photos

By Mahreen Khan

If Springs is the new Sag Harbor, the S&S Corner Shop is the hotspot place to be. The wood and brick building on Fort Pond Boulevard, which was formerly the studio of Dane Dixon, artist and assistant to Willem de Kooning, is now the second home of the Stanley & Sons clan. Chris Grodzki, grandson of Stanley Grodzki who owned and operated Manhattan’s Apron and Bag Supply Co., reestablished the business in 2008.

“I grew up always having a surplus of fabric around the house,” Chris said. “I was making the bags and then one weekend I was making aprons and thought, ‘isn’t that funny?’ I’m making aprons and bags.” Working out of his bedroom in Brooklyn, later his living room and even the corner of his friend’s studio, Chris met his wife Lindsay. Lindsay now manages the company’s graphic design, amongst other things.

The four-month old Stanley & Sons April and Bag Supply Co. is not limited to fabrics, as the corner shop is filled with everyday items including local eggs, olive oil and paper towels. More exotic items like ginger syrup, raw honey, artisan crackers and boxed sea salt flakes line the shelves – while hand-made jewelry and flower pots, books like “The Bonacker” and ceramics sit on a center table.

“It’s going to be an ever-evolving process,” Lindsay said, “which is really creatively stimulating and nice.” The shop’s top-selling products right now are everyday essential oils, Lindsay’s original ceramics and of course, abraço coffee.

“Our main goal is good coffee,” Chris said. “Anything on top of that is icing.” Chris and Lindsay say they like working with people who follow the same ethos, who believe in small batch items, use whole and natural ingredients or materials and pay close attention to detail. Their shop is a representation of their dynamic lifestyle and taste, and, Chris said, it just happens to be filling a bill. With a newborn baby at home, Lindsay mulled cheerfully over the idea of one day expanding.

“We’re a good shop to stop and pick up a few snacks on the way to beach, or if you want a cup of coffee and a pastry in the morning, we have that. If you’re going to a dinner party and you need a hostess gift, we have that covered as well.”


Visit the S&S Corner Shop at 11 Fort Pond Boulevard in Springs, or on their website at https://apronandbag.com.

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