Halliday-Richardson Wed July 25 at Havens Beach, Mayor Mulcahy Officiating

Mayor Kathleen Mulcahy, left, officiated at the wedding of Roderick Richardson and Elizabeth Halliday.

Elizabeth Halliday and Roderic Randolph Richardson were married on July 25. The barefoot wedding took place in the water, along the foreshore of Havens Beach in Sag Harbor. Kathleen Mulcahy, newly elected mayor of Sag Harbor and longtime friend of the groom, officiated—her first such wedding.

Noted photographer Susan Wood Richardson, the groom’s stepmother, hosted an intimate gathering in Amagansett preceding the nuptials. Family friends Alice and John Tepper-Marlin hosted the wedding reception at their home in Springs.

Mr. Richardson grew up in New York City and East Hampton. He has been a resident of Amagansett for 20 years. An alumnus of Columbia College and the NYU Stern School of Business, he serves as president of Grace Richardson Fund, a small private foundation that pioneers new free market solutions to critical issues stuck in political gridlock, including climate, environment and health care. Locally, he is a champion of public access to nature and the shores of New York State.

He is the son of Patricia Anne and Robert Randolph Richardson, both deceased. His father, Randy, was known on the East End as a pioneer of mussel aquaculture, and also a sailor and a wooden boat builder who helped found the East End Classic Boat Society and build the Hartjen-Richardson Community Boat Shop. Randy Richardson also shaped the international philanthropic program of the Smith Richardson Foundation, dedicated to defending and expanding freedom, democracy and opportunity for all.

Ms. Halliday grew up on the Main Line of Philadelphia. She attended the Agnes Irwin School for Girls and earned a BA in communications from the University of Delaware. She began her career with The Associated Press in Central America and Hawaii. She now owns and operates a website design firm and a hosting company, datahampton.com. Locally, she is a member of the East Hampton Oyster Gardening Program. She also advocates for conservation, and for accelerating clean energy deployment via free market policies. She is the daughter of Emily W. Heebner and Henry R. Heebner.

Rod and Hallie, as they are known to friends, began dating 30 years ago, but broke up in 1991. They have been inseparable ever since getting back together in 2010, after a 19-year hiatus. Despite that long-term relationship, the couple only decided on the wedding date nine days before the ceremony. Most friends only had between two to six days’ notice. Mr. Richardson hired a busker/troubadour, singer/songwriter, Robert Leslie—”sort of a cheerful Nick Drake”—on the spot in Washington Square Park, six days before the service. And they did not have a reception location until three days before the wedding. Even so, everything came off perfectly, “a miracle of spontaneous serendipity,” as Mr. Richardson described it.

Given that some good friends that could not make it, due to short notice, the couple will have an additional wedding celebration in New York City in September, with details yet to be determined.