Guild Hall’s Teen Arts Council Hosts an Exhibition

GHTAC at the 2019 Student Art Festival. Photo by Jessica Dalene.

With Guild Hall Museum reopen now, the Guild Hall Teen Arts Council (GHTAC), a paid advisory of creative teenagers, is investigating the idea of “reopening” and the prefix “re” meaning “back” or “again.” The group is mounting a video installation titled, “RE” that reflects on questions like: will the pandemic that caused the world to stop alter the way we interact with each other now? Could the notion of reopening lead to being open to change? Will we create a more empathetic world, rather than return to the status-quo?

With these questions in mind, each GHTAC member has documented sights, sounds, and interactions they see on a daily basis, culminating in a series of four short films projected on the windows at the back entrance of Guild Hall.

“RE” is on view to the public Friday through Monday after sunset, through July 13. Please practice six feet social distancing when visiting the installation.

Simultaneously, the GHTAC has also opened applications for the 2020-2021 Council. Teens, ages 14+, interested in developing skills related to contemporary art (visual, literary, and performing), leadership, community engagement, non-profit management, and museum/theater practices are encouraged to apply.

Guild Hall is at 158 Main Street, East Hampton. For more information visit