Groundworks Showroom Marries Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The new showroom at Groundworks Landscaping in Amagansett.

An extension of the interior of your home, the concept for designing outdoor living spaces requires the same attention to detail designers give to indoor spaces. Color scheme, aesthetic, complementary features, and décor and other visual components work to define gardens and landscapes. For Groundworks Landscaping, the client experience and their passion for landscape design has led the company down a path of necessary expansion. Recently having opened a new design showroom, the East Hampton company looks forward to elevating their offerings for local merchants and clientele.

Sharing that the retail business has presented its challenges for customers and their own desire to grow their landscaping business, Groundworks Landscaping marketing coordinator Erica Silich says this was the time to open the landscape showroom. “Clients can feel free to come and walk our grounds, inside and outside,” she explains. “Doing so, they will see a variety of sample gardens, masonry projects including walls and walkways, fountains, pottery, planters, and a whole lot more. It will be a place to come and be inspired.”

The physical experience of a showroom is something that will now lend itself to Groundworks Landscaping’s design process. Clients can view a variety of sample gardens including deer resistant, shade tolerant, revegetation plantings, and butterfly gardens, among others. Garden décor, furniture, and accessories are also on display with a variety of plants indoors, and an architectural “design tree” in the center of the showroom.

Founded by Kim Hren and Linda and Andy Silich, the Groundworks Landscaping team coordinates entire projects from site clearing, grading, and driveway assessment to landscape design ideas for pools and sports areas. They utilize a hands-on approach with site visits to uncover a client’s wants and needs, says the team, and are often involved in projects on a daily basis, hand selecting plant materials from nurseries around the country.

The company uses technology that serves as a modern landscaping tool. Computer-aided design (CAD) software and new 3D modeling software allows the firm to create plans that offer clients a 3D concept for what their landscape could become.  “Clients love the 3D plans as it really brings the plan to life,” Silich explains. “In addition to seeing grade changes, levels of decks and patios, heights of trees, we can also put the plan in motion on the computer and show the sun moving through the sky during the day, letting you know where the sunny and shady sides of your pool might be for example.”

Silich also notes that there is a trend towards homeowners opting to entertain at home, rather than go out in the bustling — and sometimes overwhelming — summer nightlife scene.  Outdoor kitchens and fire pits are increasingly popular, she says, and because of the movement to marry the concept of indoor and outdoor living areas, the approach to great landscape design is similar now to interior design.

Location of property and a homeowner’s lifestyle and tastes also come into play, among other factors to a create a custom landscape. Though, there is no one thing that is serves as the determining factor great design according the Silich. “We like to approach it by incorporating multiple ‘outdoor living spaces,’” she says. “Probably the most important thing is originality. While we are happy to incorporate ideas a property owner might have seen on a friend’s property, we try to ensure that each design has a character all its own.”

A grand launch party will be held at Groundworks Landscaping, 530 Montauk Highway in East Hampton, on Saturday, May 26. For more information, call (631) 324-7373 or visit