Grenning Gallery Debuts Bretzke and Rennert

"Off-season Beach Parking" by Carl Bretzke

Carl Bretzke used to be a plein air painter strictly on the side, his medicine practice commanding most of his attention.

That changed three years ago, as has his body of work — which has only gotten richer, deeper in emotional context, and larger in scale, according to Grenning Gallery, blurring the line between intimacy and remoteness.

Cinematic yet gritty, Bretzke puts his finger on that “somewhat melancholic feeling found in celebrated American realism,” a press release said, his newest body of work on view starting Saturday, marking his first solo show at the Sag Harbor gallery, firmly lodging him in the stable of core artists.

“Carl Bretzke earned his spot on the Grenning Gallery roster with his original yet refined interpretation of real American life,” according to a press release. “Classically trained and driven to paint directly from nature, Bretzke’s images encapsulate the subtle emotions roiling within each scene.”

Sculptor Jim Rennert will also make his gallery debut with “Business in Bronze,” a seminal series of works that are immediately identifiable, with simplified figures and forms depicting men and women in suits.

“Combining the traditional medium of bronze with modern forms of flat laser cut steel, he illustrates concepts of corporate success and the obstacles faced by the modern working man,” the release said. “Drawing on both his past professional experiences and those of his contemporaries, Rennert composes thought-provoking works to which viewers undeniably react and relate. His early works emphasize movement and physical metaphor, while more recent pieces show the development of a more contemplative character.

An opening reception will be held on Saturday from 6 to 7:30 p.m., and both shows will remain on view through June 9. For more information, call (631) 725-8469 or visit