Grapplers Look to Come Out on Top


Although the East Hampton Wrestling team went to Harbor Fields on Saturday for the League V champions, and only one wrestler qualified for the county tournament, the East Hampton coach and the Pierson wrestlers on the team remain optimistic.

This season there were four wrestlers for the East Hampton team from Pierson. According to Coach Jim Stewart, all the boys are “very coachable” and they asked questions, which is a good indication that they want to learn to get better, the coach said.

“My assistant coaches and I are all impressed by these kids,” he added.

Kyle McGowan, a Pierson junior, did well, according to coach. He had 14 wins and 10 losses in his weight group at 140 pounds. 

“He is very talented,” Stewart said, and added he was “like his father,” who wrestled for him years ago.

Equally talented, according to the coach, is another Pierson junior Dane Riva, who has been competing at both the varsity and junior varsity level.

“He has great balance and a lot of what he does is natural balance,” Stewart said, “he winds up on top and in wrestling that’s the key.”

Christian Gonzales, a sophomore, has several kids in his weight class on varsity, so the coach tends to play him on JV so that the match-ups are a bit more equal. Stewart said that he is a “diamond in the rough.”

Sophomore Nico McMahon, does very well when he is wrestling a beginner, and he is a quick learner, according to the coach. Stewart said that McMahon is extremely strong, and has had some of the most interesting matches. During one, the coach said “everyone thought the match was over but Nico,” McMahon overturned his opponent right near the end of the match and came out on top.

“We look forward to seeing all these guys again, they are excited about their prospects,” Stewart said. “We are in a tough league, if they can stick with it, they will be at the top.”