Get Cooking this Fall with Loaves and Fishes

Sybille van Kempen and chef Licia Kassim Householder with the fall cookbooks.

Sybille van Kempen, owner of the renowned Loaves and Fishes Food Store ( is excited to release the second set of farm-to-table cookbooks in the Loaves and Fishes Farm Series. Released on September 15, the three books, by van Kempen and chef Licia Kassim Householder, celebrate the autumn bounty on Long Island’s East End and Sybille. The books feature Halsey Farm & Nursery in Water Mill for September, The Milk Pail & Halsey Orchards in Water Mill for October, and Mecox Bay Dairy in Bridgehampton for November.

With photography by Conor Harrigan, the series highlights farm-fresh ingredients with a close look at the generations of farmers who grow them and includes more than 20 new Loaves & Fishes recipes per volume. Mouthwatering fall favorites include chicken apple curry, vegan cauliflower soup, savoy cabbage with bacon and beans, duck pear stew, turkey cranberry smorrebrod, farmhouse cheddar chive biscuits and delectable desserts including winter squash cheesecake, sweet potato pie with maple whipped cream, pumpkin pie with brown sugar meringue, and more.

After over 40 years of serving the Hamptons community, van Kempen continues to find and share inspiration and encourages families to cook and gather around the table.

“I am inspired by the passion I have been fortunate to see first-hand from our farm families,” said van Kempen. “I hope that by sharing these farm adventures and our recipes, our customers and home cooks will find their own lives enriched. The joy of shopping for the best and freshest seasonal ingredients at the farm is unforgettable; meeting the farmers is life changing.”

The collection of three linen-wrapped hard covers will retail for $50 at alongside the summer trio.