Gas Plant Remediation Begins This Week



The remediation of the former Manufactured Gas Plant site in Sag Harbor Village will begin on during the week of September 22nd. Be advised of the following important changes that will affect traffic and parking in the adjacent area of the Village.

During the week of the 22nd, the Sag Harbor Village Parking lot located on Meadow Street behind the Sag Harbor Post Office will close for a two to three day period to reconfigure a portion of the lot for National Grid’s use during the remediation of the site, which is adjacent to the parking lot.  The portion of the lot not being used for the remediation will be re-opened for public use with a new parking configuration. Prior to the closure, vehicles will be posted with flyers providing notice of the closure date and time. Any cars left in the lot at that time will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Beginning on Monday, September 22nd, the small private parking lot located on the west side of the post office will be closed along with Long Island Avenue street parking to the west of the Post Office. A pedestrian walkway will be provided on the south side of Long Island Avenue. Similar to the Meadow Street lot, vehicles will be posted in advance of the work.

Beginning the week of September 22, Bridge Street will be closed to through traffic between Long Island Avenue and Rose Street until the project is completed, which is expected in May 2009. Bridge Street will only be accessible to local residents and construction-related traffic. Barricades will be placed at each end of the closure and detour signs will be posted.