Game Knights Bring Holiday Cheer to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital


On Sunday, the Game Knights, including Pierson 11th grader Max Snow and his friend Kyle Lutnick, decided to make the holiday season extra special for the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

The Game Knights celebrated its First Annual Holiday donation — the third donation made to the hospital in a little over a year.

The Game Knights was the brainchild of Lutnick. Snow and his eighth grade brother, Ben, founded Game Knights Hamptons, a local chapter of the organization in late 2011.

The Game Knights is a not-for-profit dedicated to engaging and distracting children going through sometimes-lengthy hospitalizations while fighting serious illnesses. The Knights collect new and used video game devices, games, DVD players, iPads, movies and financial donations used towards the purchase of those items, which are then donated to children in need.

With funds collected by the organization, the group purchased two new Apple mini-iPads, five video games and 12 DVD movies, based on the hospital’s wish list of needed items. Donated items the Game Knights delivered included 47 DVD films and eight video games.

According to Gay Snow, Max and Ben’s mother, one of the organization’s members also purchased a Wii Nintendo Deluxe set, an extra remote control and four new games.

“In light of the events that transpired in Newton, Conn., I applaud our children for being sensitive, thoughtful and caring to others,” said Snow this week. “Game Knights Hamptons is a vibrant and thriving charity. We hope to make our fourth donation in the spring.”