Furnishing Coastal Homes on the East End



Furniture and art available at Coastal Home on Bridgehampton’s Main Street. Photo by Mara Certic.

By Mara Certic

Patricia McGrath believes that everything she sells in her store has a potentially perfect home. Coastal Home on Bridgehampton’s Main Street sells new and vintage art, furniture and home finishings to Hamptonites looking for that coastal, homey feel.

For years, Ms. McGrath has worked as an interior designer on the East End. “The store was an offshoot of my interior design business,” she said on Monday, “but I think of them as completely separate entities.”

“A lot of people come in here and say, ‘Can I just move in here?’” she said. Her Main Street store boasts a varied selection of furniture, art, crockery and light fixtures to accessorize any East End abode. She aims to create a calming haven, a “nice, relaxing place” that people want to escape to, she said.

Coastal Home has several different rooms, each showcasing different large items of furniture: a bed in the backroom, a sofa and a coffee table in the front. The selection of artwork and vintage pieces make the shop feel lived in, and give potential clients a feeling of what their houses could be like. She said that it is not uncommon for people to come in and buy an entire tabletop display, saying they want the whole thing.  “Sometimes it’s just the convenience of coming in and seeing how the candles can be displayed,” she said.

Ms. McGrath strives for perfection as an interior designer, but also as a storeowner. “I love finding things that are different and figuring out how to do something great,” she said. She added that she loves selling an array of art. “I try to get original art from artists. It’s nice for people to come in and not see the same sort of thing all the time,” she said.

The usual atmosphere her clients strive for out here, she said is beachy “with a little bit of glam thrown in.” In a window last week she leaned toward a shabby chic vibe by pairing an updated, reupholstered old rocking chair with a mirror made of silver shells. “That was a little bit more shabby chic looking,” she said.

Ms. McGrath likes finding older, vintage pieces and “making them wonderful again.” A piece of driftwood had a bulb installed in it and the lamp was sold instantly, she said.

“And I just love to have art,” she said. Beach and ocean photography have proven to be particularly popular in the past few years, she said, but the store also offers well-priced prints. Ms. McGrath also sells decorative, vintage surfboards that customers often lean against their homes. If customers decide to take down their mantel-topping boards to go catch some waves, all the better, she said. “I like the real deal. I like handmade things. There’s a guy who makes miniature surfboards for us,” she said. “We have something for everybody.”

They certainly have the dog-owner covered; not only are charcoal drawings of dachshunds and Labradors for sale, but through Coastal Home you can also get a portrait done of your own pet. Send in a picture of the canine in question; choose a background color and size and voilà, your very own Vincent van Dog.

And the pooch portraits are just one example of how Coastal Home goes that extra mile to deliver their customers exactly what they want.  “If we don’t have what you want there, there’s a good chance we can get it,” she said. At the home store you can get customized window treatments, slipcovers, upholstery, even made-to-order tables in a range of different finishings.

From candles and throw pillows to beds and crockery, Coastal Home caters to the eclectic and diverse residents of the East End, and wants to help everyone make their house a home. Ms. McGrath’s number-one piece of advice to all homeowners: “if you see something you love, you really love, you probably should get it.”