A Few Favorites from the Ship’s Chandler


Robert “Bobcat” Siegel is serious about his position as chandler at the Sag Harbor Ship’s Store, which is located at the Sag Harbor Yacht Yard on Bay Street. But he also has fun in the process. Below are three of Bobcat’s favorite new items for 2017 from a simple solar dock light to a heavy duty commercial boat engine.

Solar Dock Light

The wireless solar DockLite is easy to install. Its durable, and weatherproof construction make it an attractive and functional addition to docks, walkways, decks and landings. It’s ideal for illuminating trouble spots on pathways or transition areas such as from dock to shore. With extended duty solar charged batteries, the DockLite will last until sunrise. Automatic on-at-dusk. “They’re incredible, very, very good lights,” Siegel said. $23

Electronic Flare

The SOS Distress Light from Weems & Plath is the first and only LED visual distress signal device that meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements to completely replace traditional pyrotechnic flares. Unlike traditional flares, this electronic flare never expires, which solves the challenge of flare disposal. This floating electronic flare can be hand-held, tethered or hoisted aloft, and runs up to 60 hours. $89

John Deere Marine Engine (6068SFM75)

The 6.8L is a 6-cylinder marine engine featuring constant power to 400 rpm below rated speed, making these engines an excellent choice for launches, work boats, trawler yachts and patrol craft. “Other engines have so many wires, so many buttons. This is simple,” Siegel said. “They kept it simple, just like they have for their tractor and farming equipment. It’s a great engine. It’s a real workhorse.” Starts at $43,000.

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