Check Your Quardio


Simply stepping on a scale to see how much weight you’ve lost since your last workout (or gained, for that matter) is not what it used to be. The QuardioBase 2 is a wireless smart scale and body analyzer that tracks your weight, of course, but also your body mass index (BMI) and body composition, including body fat percentage and measurements on muscle, water and bone mass, providing for a complete overview beyond body weight. The scale helps set fitness goals and track daily or weekly progress, using a connecting app for your smartphone. The scale can be personalized for different family members, and even has a pregnancy mode where mothers-to-be can track their fitness and body changes throughout their pregnancy.

A smart feedback mode utilizes smiley faces while it assesses the results, but we’re sorry to report that your ultimate reaction to those results — whether it’s exuberance or disappointment — will not be influenced by this technology.

The QuardioBase 2 is available locally for $149.99 at GeekHampton in Sag Harbor