A Circle of Goddesses Finds Empowerment and Healing

Emily Weitz reaches for a card at the center of a Goddess Circle in Sag Harbor. Michael Heller photos

Under the full Leo moon, women gathered in a circle to tap into their inner goddesses. Grandmothers and young professionals, newly pregnant women and mothers of four all came together to connect to specifically feminine power. It was a frigid January night, but in Juli Everett’s healing space nestled in the woods of Sag Harbor, there was a warm glow.

Everett grew up in Sag Harbor and comes from a long line of women who identify with their inner witch. Her great grandmother, whose image sits on the mantle of the fireplace where old intentions are burned, was a witch on Long Island, using herbs and astrology for healing a century ago. Now Everett follows that same path.

“Everything else that I did feels like it made me numb,” she said. “Astrology and healing witchcraft is the only thing that makes me feel everything in its entirety. It’s consuming.”

She tried other career paths, but she was always pulled back to this.

“There was a good amount of time where I felt I had to find my own way,” said Everett. “I always knew this was a part of me, this little flame inside. But I needed to do other things to know that I could have this love affair with astrology.”

Juli Everett performs a smudging ceremony on Emily Weitz prior to her entering the room where a Goddess Circle will be held.

When I first heard about Goddess Circle, I knew it was something I had to do. I was always looking to get in touch with my inner goddess and to revel in the strength of a community of women around me. But like Fight Club, what happens in Goddess Circle stays in Goddess Circle. Am I going to reveal the inner workings of the evening, which often ends up lasting late into the night? No. Am I going to share the sacred truths that are exchanged in the confines of those walls? Absolutely not. But I will share this: Everett invites women to come as they are. She welcomes them inside with an offering of wine or prosecco, and delightful homemade delicacies like her mushroom, leek, and goat cheese quiches or her fennel salad.

There’s an ease of entry, even for women who have never been there before. And as much as she’s a witch of the first rank, she’s also just a regular woman in a lot of ways and a straight shooter. One could as readily imagine Everett at the helm of a boardroom as you could see her handing out dried rose petals for the next spell. She’s confident, a characteristic she would probably attribute to her Scorpio sun in the third house.

Goddess Circle is just one way that Everett shares her deep understanding of astrology. She has a full range of services, from bodywork to tarot card readings to spa experiences and retreats. But perhaps at the heart of her wheelhouse is the natal chart reading. When she first mentioned this, I had no idea what she was talking about. Even after sitting with her for two hours as she spouted like a fountain information about where the planets were the morning I was born, I still couldn’t decipher the information on the piece of paper she handed me. But one thing is certain: things rang true.

Juli Everett in her home in Sag Harbor.

For a natal chart reading, Everett requires your birth date, location, and exact time of birth. From that, she can figure out where each planet was and how it aligned. I may have always known that I’m a Pisces, but I never knew that my North node was Leo, making it my “karmic destiny”.

“Your North node is this cosmic pull — you know you have to go there, but it’s hard,” explained Everett.

Having birthed a Leo who challenges me every day, I can see resonance there.

I never knew that my Chiron (deep core wound) was in the first house of Aries. I didn’t know that meant it would be something physical from my childhood that affected my head, neck or face. But Everett didn’t know, until I told her, that as a child I had a hemangioma that covered half my face in puffy, raspberry red blood vessels that multiplied like cancer cells and required 16 surgeries to dispel.

I had never done anything like this before. I told Everett I was hesitant to dwell too much on what my past lives were like. She replied that she knew I would feel that way, because in my chart she can see that I don’t want to focus on the past to work things out, but I believe that everything I have to learn can be worked out right here in the present.

Everett handed me my natal chart, which still looked like a foreign language to me.

“This is a blueprint,” she said. “It’s your star map. It’s where to start, and it will open you up to other places. More than anything, it’s an affirmation. It’s reminding you that it’s okay to be you, because there’s no other way you could be.”

She said some people will dive deeper and deeper into their charts, to read into why the way a certain planet aligns with the earth at a certain time in life impacts them. For now, I have a two-hour recording of the astrological argument of why I am the way I am, a date for the next goddess circle and plans to continue to try and harness my inner good witch.