The Wharf Shops’ Gwen Waddington’s Favorite Toys for 2013


The co-owner of Sag Harbor’s iconic Wharf Shop (with her mother, Nada Barry) talks about some of her favorite toys for the holiday season.


Hape Mighty Mini Band – A great toy for a toddler, from about one year to three years old. This is a long lasting wood toy that promotes hand-eye coordination and gives children the satisfaction of a musical toy. Children from 18 months and up in particular are drawn to musical toys. It is also made by a socially responsible company and has bright, attractive colors.

Lottie Doll – Hailing from England, she is new to the American market. This doll is created with a little girl’s body in mind instead of some of the unrealistic physiques we see in some contemporary dolls. She has exceptional, detail oriented clothing and accessories including some tied to a variety of activities like karate, as well as horseback riding and even a lighthouse keeper.


Educational Insights Geosafari Talking Microscope – This toy for children five and up give kids another mode of learning outside of what is available on an iPad. It’s a hands-on learning toy. It comes with prepared slides and has recorded educational information for each slide, which promotes scientific exploration. This is a great introduction to the microscope.

Dollhouse – Another traditional toy that younger children can play with that supports the imagination, and for older children becomes a lobby where they can begin crafting items for the house like making foods out of clay. The highlight of the collection this year is an illuminated water cooler.


Wooden Chess Set – From Poland, this traditional gift promotes critical thinking and helps children learn how to develop strategy. It is also a game that will teach a skill you can learn as young as five and carry through for the rest of your life.