A Christmas Wish Becomes a Holiday Card

“A Horn Blows at Midnight” by Kenneth B. Walsh.
“A Horn Blows at Midnight” by Kenneth B. Walsh.

Christopher Walsh has loved music since he was a baby — his earliest memory is lying on the floor of his family’s Gramercy Park apartment, head next to a speaker, listening to The Beatles “White Album.” Piano lessons at seven followed, and when he was an eight year-old, a passion for brass instruments led him to ask “Santa,” the easily recognizable janitor at the Montauk Public School, for a trumpet for Christmas. Walsh was greeted that December by a plastic trumpet under the family Christmas tree.

It was Walsh with his beloved trumpet that inspired his father, the late painter Kenneth B. Walsh, to paint his son with his favorite toy. Walsh —a writer at The East Hampton Star — has reintroduced the world to his father’s work through the sale of fine art prints, has developed that painting, “A Horn Blows at Midnight,” into a holiday card available exclusively at KennethBWalshArt.com.

“I played the trumpet nonstop for months, and one of my father’s first works, once he picked up the brush again, was of me with my favorite toy,” Walsh said. “Years after his passing, I started on the project to compile, restore, and exhibit my father’s work. I also started to wonder if his work could be presented on different media, and a Christmas card seemed an obvious medium for this painting.”