The Sunny Side of Pizza: Local Chefs Incorporate Eggs Into Their Pizzas and Calzones

The Uova pizza from Nick & Toni’s has stracciatella cheese, tomato, crispy pancetta and fried eggs.

What happens when you combine one of New York’s most beloved dishes — the pizza — with a perfectly cooked egg? Gastronomic perfection. Here are some of our favorites found on the South Fork.

Nick and Toni’s in East Hampton doesn’t have to go far for their eggs, with an in-house chicken coop near the restaurant’s on-site edible garden. Executive Chef Joe Realmuto’s Uova pizza is the classic brunch pizza, served with stracciatella cheese, tomato-basil sauce and crispy, house-cured pancetta along with a perfectly-fried egg.

The Farmer’s Pizza at Sag Pizza offers a unique twist, incorporating local shishito peppers with mushrooms, sausage and Art Ludlow’s pungent Mecox Bay Dairy cheese, the farm egg completing the dish at one of Sag Harbor’s newest restaurants.

Perhaps the most unique is the Khachapurri pizza conceived by Lulu Kitchen & Bar Executive Chef Philippe Corbet. Served open-face, almost in the style of a calzone, the Khachapurri pizza incorporates raclette cheese from the French Alps, mozzarella and butter topped with an egg, creating a creamy, savory well of fondue guests are meant to dip the crust into and top with accompaniments including chimichurri and yogurt sauces, as well as house-made pickles and pickled onions.

Khachapurri – Lulu Kitchen & Bar

Raclette cheese, mozzarella, egg and butter. Chimichurri and yogurt sauce on side with house-made pickles.

Farmer’s Pizza – Sag Pizza

Tomato, shishito peppers, sausage, mushrooms, farm eggs, Mecox Bay Dairy cheese.