K Pasa Is Not Your Average Breakfast

The Sag Hash with poached eggs over wild mushrooms and sweet potatoes. Gavin Menu photos

Tacos, buns, fritters and hash. Green juice, power oats, smoothies and gluten-free bread. The breakfast at K Pasa, one of Sag Harbor’s newest eateries known for its Mexican and Latin influences, is not your average pancake-and-eggs American-diner experience. Though they do have pancakes and eggs.

“We’ve researched as much as we could on the best breakfasts around the world and what people are looking for in the Hamptons,” said Jesse Matsuoka, a co-owner of the business, which just started serving breakfast in August after opening earlier in the season at the former La Superica space on Main Street. “The breakfast program is meant to speak to everyone.”

Gluten-free, sugar-free banana bread with shredded coconut, fresh bananas, blueberries and almond butter is one of the restaurant’s signature healthy dishes, as is the Sag Hash, which features sweet potatoes, wild mushrooms, poached eggs and micro greens. Along with traditional offerings like chocolate chip pancakes and eggs and bacon on a bun, priced reasonably at $9 apiece, K Pasa is serving Latin-inspired dishes in the morning as well. One of the most flavorful bites, offered for just $5, is the Sloppy Rizo Taco, with housemade chorizo sausage, avocado and jalapeno ricotta cheese.

“You also have your pancakes and eggs for those who want it,” said Matsuoka, who just recently hired chef Raul Dina, formerly of Estia’s Little Kitchen, which has long been the standard bearer for breakfast in Sag Harbor.

“We already have regulars who come in four times per week,” Matsuoka added. “There are so many people looking for a great breakfast. Estia’s and Provisions are the two mainstays and we’ve really learned from both of them. I love going to those establishments and I think there’s enough business to go around.”

Gluten-free and sugar-free banana bread.
The Sloppy Rizo taco with housemate chorizo sausage, avocado and jalapeño ricotta cheese.